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E, thus, we can conclude that accumulated centuries of information in the collective memory are become gradually into apaixonantes subjects of reflection for an ancestry of intellectuals, who gradually emerge of or remain in the anonymity. But the essential one was made and general result of the book of Jaeger is so pleasant, although its great gaps, that in perdo to it allows them; the educative action of the Greeks on all the centuries seems to be unequivocal and easily reconhecvel. It is enough to observe what they had said Barbarian Cassin and Nicole Loraux, in the Preface of ' ' Greeks, Barbarians, Foreigners: the City and its Outros' ' , that the city Greek, although to have functioned to the cost of exclusions, are the model par excellence, origin and paradigm, of the democracy. He is of it that we remove the requirements consisting of all modern politics, as much in the north as in the south: the freedom and the equality (at least most beautiful of the freedoms and the equalities: before it speaks, the thought, the education, the law etc.), with its essential procedures of regulation as of the vote and the court. Why so great affirmation? It is evident that we are in face of a false projection of the Small one (you polish it Greek) on the Great one (the megalpolis modern), that is, that Cassin-Loraux will consider to it city Greek, an Agrarian society Small e, as the place of where ' ' we remove the requirements consisting of all politics moderna' ' they had not considered that perhaps it not pass of a prtese-symbolic one, that is, does not present itself made use to accept the thesis of Peter Sloterdjik, of that in the society contemporary ' ' the politics of industrialismo' ' (that it she is proper if detached e) ' ' if detaches, over all for not having same it initially obtained to understand its proper modernity? reason why for much time she made perdurar' ' (and she makes still it) ' ' the categories politics of the agrarian age (and politics) after-agrarian, at the time transclssica and hiperpoltica' ' , from there certain historical transposies to be able still to occur, we can conclude, favoring a certain irracionalismo and the imperialism.

Education Learning

For this, we recommend that the playful one could be identified as work methodology that aims at learning significant. However a series of mistakes is vision involves many controversies considering gifts in quarrels that they look to relate playful and the educative process, mainly, when they involve attempts of viabilities of intervention proposal. On the other hand, the ludicidade is a subject that has conquered space in the national panorama, and comes acquiring field in average education, allowing a pedagogical work that can oportunizar the production of the knowledge. On the basis of these consideraes, the present work, will search to analyze the contributions offered for the playful one in specify in the context of the mathematics as it practises pedagogical in the process of education and learning in basic education. In this direction, we stand out aspects related to the importance of playful for the development of the process the teach-learning, from a done survey of the causes most frequent of the difficulties found in the teach-learning process, as much of the part of the students as of the educators. Soon after, it was carried through some comparisons you practise between them pedagogical with the pertaining to school context. The present study it will be finished with descriptions and quarrels of the results of the inquiry on the basis of the research questions, that had been elaborated by the researchers of this study and on the basis of consulted literature.

We will point some contributions of this study, having enunciated some caminhamentos to be given on the basis of the results. Words? keys: Playful, Education Learning and Mathematics Abstract Many mathematicians recommend teachers who work in explores classroom you lives aspects in playfulness you improve student? s learning. Therefore, we indicate playful could be identified work methodology seeking meaningful learning. However, this view involves many controversies considering to number of misconceptions present in discussions that try tells the playful to you and the educational process, mainly/mostly, when discussions involve viable attempts of intervention proposal.

Petition Each

In the mineralized areas, it becomes description of gossans and the zones of leaching, supergnico enrichment, and alteration indicating paragnses mineral of each zone and the characteristic elements of the one of the body. 3.6.AMOSTRAGEM SYSTEMATIC OF OUTCROPS In the outcrops of the mineralized zones, becomes a sampling of canal throughout all outcrop. The sampling sections are spaced in the maximum of 2 in 2 meters one of the other, located perpendicularly to the counted ones to the contacts of the deposit and must cover all its apparent thickness. After the withdrawal of the samples, each one of them duly is packed, identified and envoy for microscopical chemical and/or petrogrfica analysis. 3.7.ABERTURA OF HOLLOWINGS In the places of invisible contacts where the identification is very important, is opened wells and/or trenches aiming at to the measurement of these contacts. The localization of a well or trench depends on the convenience of each place, but in the generality, it can be of perpendicular the parallel to the waited direction of the body in this place. 3.8.EXECUO OF SOUNDING IN the ORE BODY On the basis of the knowledge of the outcrops of the mineralized zones and in characteristic the structural elements of the geologic body, becomes it location of the punctures of sounding lead in the vertices of a mesh, aiming at to intercept such body, in depth.

The total metragem to be perforateed and the consequent number of punctures are limited to the budget of the project elaborated in the Plan of Research presenting to the DNPM in the act of the Petition of the Authorization of Research. The sounding if of the one for rotating, percussiva or rotopercussiva sounding lead, in function of the type of material that if has in the area (modified, alone rock s, sediments). The recouped certifications or materials are conditioned in adequate containers to each type and at one another moment, described structural and petrograficamente and in many cases, half of these is submitted to some another type of assay and/or analysis.