Month: September 2013

Being Creative

Be creative in our everyday life supposed to be open to novelty, to change, to new possibilities, to what’s new. It is not possible s to be open to change and something different if every day we do and think the same. Creativity has to do with these three words: change, the stimulus, and the image. Then, what do to begin to be more open and creative in our day to day? 1. The daily stimuli to break out of the routine. Enter every day a turning point in life, however small that is. EOS brings us to be in the way of the illusion, the forward, and creativity. Example of small changes or daily stimuli: breakfast varied.

Breakfast every day something different on dishes varied both in color and in form. USE OF COLOR. Play with color in clothes, with the pens you write, the food that you eat… NICE DETAIL. Insert any image or small ornament on our Workbench, for example a small plant, a figurine, some relaxing image, and change it from time to time.

EXPRESSIVE RICHNESS. Try to express ourselves with different words and phrases. Sometimes we don’t realize, we are a little heavy and repetitive in our expression. This is boring us to ourselves and to those who are listening to us. Dare to introduce new words in your daily vocabulary. Idea of exercise: choose a book or a magazine that pleases you and every day select any word that you like. Seeks to use that day in any of your conversations. PHYSICAL EXERCISE. It is essential to release bodily tension and have a more relaxed mind. Spend the time you can do some exercise that you like and enjoy. If you only have 5 min, from agreement, but do it every day.

Creative Process

According to Spanski the human mind can operate in two modes: in mode receiving and processing mode. The processor is the most developed have. Formal education aims to train us precisely this mental ability. We have a goal, means and a way or methodology. Processing mind works in a rational way in the weberian sense of adequacy of means to purposes. As a Professor of mathematics at the College said: a problem need to ask yourself three questions.

What they ask me?, what data I give?, and play with them. This is not a bad model of functioning of the processing mode, mode which is very useful for daily life; It allows us to take a bus or a plane and arrive at the destination point and achieve objectives in the course of our existence. It is useful and necessary, but not sufficient if we aspire to live a really creative life. For this we must be capable of accessing the other modality: receiving mind and achieve levels of excellence in their management. In What is that receiving capacity and why it is so important in the creative process? That expand on theories that may sound abstract – when not arcane to the reader uninitiated in these topics, better resort to a model, a living example of someone who has experienced that degree of mastery in the handling of both modes of thought. Walter Russel, the man who discovered and used the secrets of the universe in the title of the book by Glenn Clark. This author with Dr.

Alexis Carrel during the 1930s were very concerned about the progress of a world that was just living a terrible economic crisis and who headed strides towards a new world war. It had to do something to prevent this but what?. Alexis Carrel sent him a message. The future of humanity is committed.

Creative Fonts

Optimizing for the engines of search (SEO for its acronym in English) has everything to do with reciprocal links (Backlinks). It is true that there are plenty of other little details that come into play. He is expected that you worry things as the density of keywords, tags of images, Java code and navigation placement, but everything plays a secondary role compared with reciprocal links, which have been the main determinant of positioning in searches since 1997. Actually, it is a fairly simple strategy. When another site has a link to a page on your site, this in fact informs search engines that this is a good page. However, some reciprocal links are better than others. Google considers those votes, giving them more credit to the high quality websites that link to yours. How sites get a better score, so to give you a more powerful link? They improve the positioning of your page on the engines Search.

Basically, if a site has lots of reciprocal links, becomes more reliable and therefore can provide you a better reverse link. Is the head spinning you? Don’t worry; you are not alone. It sounds complicated, but in reality you only have to find good websites and generating inverses of them to your site links. Here I have five creative ways to do that: give away free things the free things have a wonderful effect on people. To give you something, immediately you agradas him most, although the offer involves some commitment. So how might work: If you have some computer skills, you can develop applications or codes for blogs and web sites, which play a valuable role, and then adding a reverse link to your site to the HTML code for this application. For example, websites like Technorati allow you to publish the positioning of your blog on your site, but add a link to your site to the application, getting tens of thousands of reciprocal links free as a result.