Month: October 2013

Creative Decisions

As we are working with demanding customers, will feeling the need to be more precise, confident and eloquent to justify our creative decisions, otherwise we run the risk of not achieving the complacency and acceptance of our proposal. As professionals (or in the process of being) we cannot allow that everytime we present a design advances, we can not hold or justify our creative approach, firstly because this would be at the mercy of a possible avalanche of changes, which, in turn, double the workload, making less profitable project, secondly because we can go cementing unconsciously a self-esteem low profile professionaldevoid of character and safety. Defend our creative decisions is not just a matter of personality or character, but also the security of having done a responsible job, which we take into account the greater number of considerations and relevant guidelines. RESPONSIBILITY and professional ELOCUENCIAMuchos sin of simplicity in our presentations and hope design sold by himself, without explanations or more, that is a luxury that increasingly we can give us, as a way to pre-empt the conatuses of modifications is, justify the technical and conceptual basis of our creative work, exposing the reasons more beyond the graphic approach that led us to make the design decisions. One of the obligations of becoming creative professionals is to not let loose in our creative decisions ends, being the reason that motivates me to present you 5 keys to substantiate your creative work and achieve customer satisfaction: make sure you know priority having not understood at all design intent priority the design intent, usually causes that we let certain gaps of composition, or visual communication. We must pay special attention to understand the main purpose of design, as well as the environment that applies. Constructs a brief composition with the security of knowing the purpose of the main design, what follows is identify and prioritize the elements and messages that lead us to achieve that purpose, building a brief of composition (scheme of location and prominence of each communication element of design) that we can show to the client before you begin designing, this really can save hours of work having an approved schematic composition.

Creative Work

Go ahead! looking for a new approach to risk and the decision to start again. Many times the reason for our inspirational lock is because we are not entirely convinced of what we are doing, we don’t entirely like or simply to average design a new idea, which is not far from our mind emerged us. Personally I have learned to follow my intuition on these cases and although this represents two full days of work, I believe it will not be as heavy, far from it, productive days of creative enjoyment, are converted for creative work without the hindrance of doubt is the best of this profession. Leave in stand-by Dale creative work a rest to your right parietal lobe, being blocked creatively does not mean be blocked at all, and that we can not develop any task, also in any project there are always mechanical tasks that we can properly develop without having the Muse of inspiration. Many times I has happened that when less inspiration I have, I developed more concentration for the writing and take the opportunity to write texts and making connections to the necessary contact forms on the web site in which I worked. The idea is to decide wisely that tasks will be more productive in that moment. Contact and I am not referring necessarily to chat with five friends at once, but to communicate face to face with other people, go to the cubicle of your coworker and talk about plans that have for the weekend, or make that visit you said to a customer that you would to talk about new ideas for a projectthe case is to give your brain the opportunity to regroup and hit him with some new stimuli.

Practice your creativity reminds that the creative act is not a moment but a process, and your brain is a muscle that you must exercise at every moment, therefore you forcing yourself to do something creative every day. It can be anything: write, draw, take pictures, etc. The idea is to acquire the habit of being creative every day.

Creative Vision

How you you see in the future? How is your life in 5 or 10 years? I know from my experience of many years dealing with thousands of people that this is one of the laws of success that makes them more failing! When a law you violas, you receive a punishment, when you don’t have a clear creative vision of your future Viola this law and therefore punishment is that you will manage any future but not desired. Definition is the ability to create a new reality by visualizing me in the future achieving my goals. When start the process creative imagination is the place where you create your new reality, it is the anticipation of what is to come in your life. Why this law tells you that you must develop the ability to visualize, imagine how your future, but must be a display with a clear objective: see you in the future by creating your goals. For those who want to know how to have success know this law and apply it is a main goal in our lives that includes among others these concepts. I see myself as what will come to be and leave of look at me as what I am today I understand that should I analyze me and change question my beliefs developed a balanced in the short, medium and long term volume view decisions that lead me to my Creative Vision vision implies that I see, and that this view is powerful because it is able to create a new reality in my life. It is evident then that if until today I have not reached my dreams it is inter alia to the fact that I have developed a vision of my own totally inadequate person. I’ve been watching me badly, so a first step will be to stop seeing me as I am, but much more important to even start to see me as I’ll get to be! Set aside time and effort to view me as I will be going to excite me, fill my life with hope, will be a powerful positive influence by reducing the negative influence of my present limited.