Month: January 2014

Thomas Voeckler

" A little has cost me to start during the stage, but once I have had quite good sensations there. It was a complicated day, has been some moment in which not it saw nothing because of lluvia" , it said. " I have not had pains, more than those of the legs, clearly, like everybody. What it has cost to me more has been the first part of the stage, because when you go bruised you are in favor uncomfortable of the dry wounds, until you enter calor" , it added. " But the last kilometers in which less it thought were in that, if not in freeing the falls, because he was dangerous, for that reason I am contento" , it affirmed. Accountant indicated that he had " problems with the wheels, the water or some stone that put in rodamiento" reason why it preferred " to change of bicicleta". " First it left bici me Navarrese Dani and soon I used second ma" , it indicated. In the arrival to goal, the cyclist of Pinto indicated that she was placed in the front part of the squad not to waste time and to get rid of possible problems.

" I have seen jump to Thomas Voeckler but I have not wanted to try because it did not have sufficient legs. I entered placed the last curve badly and had to overcome the whole squad, so no it had forces. In addition, it was not an arrival for my, the best era to be tranquilo" , it commented. The Accountant they asked to him if it prefers the hardness of a mountain stage in Giro of Italy or the nervousness of one like the one of today in the Tour. " Equal I remain with one of montaa" , it affirmed the Madrilenian. Source of the news: Boasson Hagen is dominated the Sprint and Hushovd stays leader in the Tour of France

Europe Workers

The dangerous DUMPING SOCIAL if wine spring, fly to the flowers; do not drink wax. Antonio Machado. THE unit European only has meaning if is for progress voices claiming an increase in competitiveness in enterprises based on the degradation of working conditions, have heard them many times. Such voices do not come exclusively from business areas, but it also, and this is worse, official circles. The proposal is easy and attractive appearance.

Spanish workers should comply with longer hours and shorter pay, and Moreover, it undertakes to not protest any cause, attract investment or preventing to be that already exist. This magical and simple formula is nothing novel. Happened to many others before, to the point that social dumping is already denounced in the Decade of the 1920s. However, this proposal has proven to be, above all, profoundly wrong. Forget that, under any form that is practiced, based competition in dumping is essentially unfair. So it says clearly, referring to the commercial policy of the companies, the Treaty of Rome, which prohibits dumping practices precisely.

This seems common sense and also constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of the European construction. Because what could happen if unleashed a race to attract investment in which each country, each region, each city, decides to offer more degraded working conditions? Policies that involve a regression and put into question the European social culture will mean a danger, ultimately, for the process. European unity only makes sense if it is to progress, and, in addition, that social culture is a distinctive note of Europe and one of the most valuable asset we can offer to the rest of the world. Therefore, it is time to change the speech those who have defended the need that Spain compete on the basis of submissive workers, high insecurity of employment, cheap dismissals and wages still lower, because it is a wrong strategy. The that we now have a third of the workers with a temporary contract and our salaries are among the lowest in Europe, not prevents, quite the contrary, we have a huge external deficit. We should focus on policies that have enabled other nations become economic powers and definitively abandon strategies which, unfortunately, are applied in underdeveloped areas. The ability to invent, create, do it better has made possible the privileged position that today Europe has in the global concert and that we should strengthen, as it is the best legacy we can make to future generations. And is that, as the poet said: the most terrible of all / is dreaming that you don’t live / and live in any way. Francisco Arias Solis Si you want peace, work for justice. XIII Festival poetry for peace and freedom devoted to Benedetti.