Month: March 2014

The Power Of Your Subconscious

Many people have written me lately asking me questions like this: A week ago I try to use what you learn to think more positively and feel more wealthy and happy, despite noting a change, I really do not feel that my life has improved a lot … Why I can not express something as simple as I hired in a job interview for a job for which I am fully qualified? So if you get yourself a question like this, this article is for you. A simple answer to this question you could find the two sentences: "not enough to know the path you must follow it." (From the movie "The Matrix") and "Faith Moves Mountains" (a phrase derived from popular a passage from the Bible). What do I mean by this? I mean, not enough with a thin layer of positive thoughts to counter the programming of a lifetime and the effects of a society that thinks and judges. The reason this is not sufficient is that the actual process creative-the button to activate the Law of Attraction "does not occur in our conscious mind, if not much deeper in our subconscious mind.

Any idea, goal or plan remained dominant in the conscious mind through repeated effort and emotionalize by a burning desire for achievement is built and run by the subconscious through any means available natural and logical. Read again the paragraph above. Now read it again. It is the foundation of success. Your mental attitude is the only thing we have a total and absolute right to control every moment of your life.

Uncontrollable Effects

UNCONTROLLABLE effects opaque anxiety intellect. Thus, anxious people are more likely to fail despite having high in their IQ scores. Anxiety affects any kind of performance. The concern becomes a negative cognitive interference when it is inserted in a situation that limelight, invades all attempts to achieve concentration. This occurs because the concern subtracts value to the resources available to process information in a cognitive task. If we focus on the concern of failure we can devote less attention to clarify the answers. Therefore, says Goleman that our concerns become prophecies that are auto met, pushing us to disaster that predict.

Anxiety can take advantage of people who are experts in using their emotions to motivate and prepare well for a good performance. A euphoric State can promote creative activities that require fluency and imagination, as it is the case with good humor, which promotes l ability to think with greater flexibility and complexity. But if euphoria is out of control until you reach into mania, as occurs in bipolar disorders, agitation will weaken the ability to think coherently. The mild mood changes can influence thought. At the time of making decisions or carrying out projects people who are in a good mood tend to be more positive in the way of thinking and communicative. Memory depends on particular mood, in such a way that when we are in a good mood we more easily remember the positive developments. On the other hand, when we are in a bad mood we tend to take negative directions which make it easier to take a more cautious decision. From the point of view of emotional intelligence, hope protects against the defeatist attitude and depression at the time of face difficulties or setbacks.