Month: October 2015

The Role Of Motivation In Achieving Success

Many people often think about the reasons for the grand success of people are looking for the principles and practices that contribute to achieving these goals. A major component of success is the motivation of man, his ability to achieve the desired results in spite of different stimuli: a lack of money, work problems, depression, etc. What is the "motivation" for real? Motivation – a psycho-physical state, with that performs an action that are the most convenient and achieve quality results. Very much about the nature and significance of motivation can be found in books by Brian Tracy outstanding business coach, speaker and author of training books, videos and audio courses to develop personal effectiveness and achieve success in their careers. Examples of people who, beginning his path to zero, thanks to a powerful motivation have achieved outstanding success – a great many. British billionaire Richard Branson has created a global company Virgin for a few years, not having behind any economic education, no large capital. He firmly believed in his dream of going to see her through the pain, disappointments, falls, and eventually became one of the most prominent businessmen in Europe and the world.

Bodo Schaefer, a famous writer, financial consultant and multi-millionaire in 26 years became a full bankrupt, with debts of a hundred tysya brands. However, perseverance and faith in himself helped him not only to repay the debt, and earn tens of millions of dollars in less than 10 years. It should be noted that he was not looking for work, he was looking for was the idea that helped him earn millions, and when he found her – just started to implement. American writer Stephen King was an unknown teacher of literature in a modest town. But he dreamed of becoming a famous author and the dream lived there for many years. He wrote his story even when the family had no money and had to sleep no more than 2 hours a day to keep up to earn a living and doing things you love. To date, state is estimated at about $ 1 billion. Of course, we can not say that only highly motivated contributed to the success of these endeavors in other people, but without it, without striving for an excellent, amazing new results, it would be impossible to achieve victory, deserving of this sincere respect. Motivation exists in every human life, and how he will strive for success, depends, perhaps, not only his life, but also the prosperity of people on our planet.

Hong Kong

Residents of Hong Kong, receiving royalties from sources in Indonesia, imposed in Indonesia's tax revenue as a royalty rate of 20%. The agreement will allow companies in this case, reduce the tax rate to level of 5%. The rate of the Indonesian income tax on interest paid to residents of Hong Kong, will also be reduced from 20% to 10%. Moreover, the parties reached agreement on the issue of enabling Hong Kong airlines that operate flights to Indonesia, be taxed at the rate of Hong Kong's corporate tax, which is below the rate applicable in Indonesia. In respect of the profits from international shipping, received residents of Hong Kong and the emerging in Indonesia, which is currently subject to tax there – The Agreement provides for reducing the tax rate to 50%. It should be noted that these agreements will come into force after ratification by the parties. Comments on the situation specialists Concept consulting Ltd.: 'At present, Hong Kong attracts international business, one of the lowest tax rates on corporate profits in Southeast Asia, as well as benefits provided by the territorial principle of taxation. This means that under the laws of Hong Kong, the income of companies that operate outside the territory of Hong Kong are not taxed on profit companies.

The decision to release the company from taxes take the Hong Kong tax authorities on the basis of the audit report. In addition, in Hong Kong there is no capital gains tax, no tax on dividends and interest. In addition to the tax treaties concluded with the Netherlands and Indonesia, Hong Kong has other tax treaties: China – in respect of income received by corporations and individuals, and some agreements with other countries including the usa (related to issues of navigation and aviation). In general, Hong Kong concluded a comprehensive agreement governing the taxation issues, from 8 countries, which is aimed at providing additional economic incentives to foreign companies and attract investment into the economy of Hong Kong '.

Overall Production

The details of technology, I deliberately silent, the more that there may be variations in each individual case. Wood-shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushroom, honey agaric how cultivated culture carry considerable potential has not yet disclosed opportunities practice cultivation. In contrast, this type of mushroom fungi can be grown in the open (outside of special structures) areas. And not just on stumps in mind the complexity and duration of the growth process. Much faster get the result to other known method – growing mushrooms in bags, pre- in cultivating indoors until the formation of the mushroom block.

All of the above draws on the full cultivation technology mushrooms and strict compliance with specific farming practices. Knowing about the habits and requirements of the culture in these growth conditions can be substantially corrected the technology itself, making it more accessible and flexible. This valuable information needed to produce not alone. For this purpose, to bring together producers of mushroom production. The fact is that everyone involved in growing mushrooms adheres to the overall well-established pattern. At the same time in its arsenal, have little secrets, know-how.

What does the union effort? 1.What would receive a product with low cost and stay on the market, opposing large business and dictate their conditions. 2. What would to help solve technological problems of their colleagues, do not let them go under. What you need: 1. Establish an information bank that will store selected and processed information (emergency information help). By creating such a virtual club can avoid costly real problems. ps I am sure that it is wrong to develop the only intensive industrial area of mushroom production, an alternative should be to grow oyster mushrooms and other fungi on open areas in the natural environment, receiving environment-friendly products. In the high-tech complexes in their technologies in industrial production initially and permanently incorporated a number of drawbacks. For example, a major factor in this production is – as much as possible out n; with a production area. Hence we have an extremely high concentration of biologically active substances, many times exceeding the natural background. Why are only the fungal spores? Without pesticides, ventilating air-conditioning equipment here neoboytis. The quality of mushrooms, the higher the closer they are to natural conditions, but optimum temperature and humidity. For example, the oyster is very sensitive to lack of fresh air. Hence, long limb, wrapped formless fruit. In practice, this can be accomplished by growing mushrooms in conjunction with plants such as vegetables, form a significant shading. In our own experience, I was convinced that plants cope with the microclimate, increasing the overall yield from 1 sq m, the production area. Provided no application of pesticides, mushroom blocks attract beneficial insects, forming an optimal ecosystem, which automatically improves the quality of environmentally friendly products (mushrooms and vegetables).

Earn Money Online

You do not need to spend years of his life to training. Conversely, you can work or study, and in parallel to develop their business (such as do I, and dozens of other entrepreneurs) see, what am I saying? You can start now and the first results will be very soon! On average, a couple of months (this is not 11 years old, right?) On the other hand, Runet knows examples of completely inexperienced entrepreneurs to run their products and rapidly reaches the level of income of several thousand dollars a month for only 3-6 months after the start. And this is the real facts, so to speak about the "impossibility" quick start online is not necessary. The second myth. Infobiznes takes a long time. Complete nonsense! This is the same as with the study: one whole day and night sitting at home and in the great spectacles of "biting the granite of science", and someone enough with one ear to listen to lectures by teachers, for In order to properly learn.

Of course, nobody stops you from sitting all day in an embrace with a computer to "earn money online." But nobody makes you do it! Moreover, for general business use beneficial to work a little, but effectively, focused and regularly. I will cite a personal example: in the past two weeks I felt great discomfort due to the fact that I had to pay an online business for at least six hours a day. This was due to launch of a larger project (the "Business Start") and for me is abnormal.


How many times in we ask the reason to them of as many sufferings? The reality is present, but as to change it for better? The Man if does not satisfy only with its external aspect, has the necessity of something more, an experience of accomplishments, joys and comfort, as that a pretty process of union, however, as to conquer the prosperity and to be happy? To carry through activities that can assist the biggest possible number of people of the Humanity is a self-sacrificing act of love, as that one strong conjunct in the practical one. Thoughts of love, blessing and joys, are materialized in the real life, as its attitudes, therefore, believe that you can change its reality, overflowing love to everything and all, when thus making its life become one> Of, and you will receive Law from the accomplishment of the desires (Masaharu Taniguchi). When gentile it will be for the people, more I will receive from the universe. It gives much affection to receive affection, dedicates part of its time for the common good, this can be made from its work, executing an activity with love that serves to the next one, this action tends to provoke prosperity in its life, what it hinders the development of definitive situation is the feeling that we have stops with our daily activities. It creates the habit to bless to the next one, of everything what you have. To remember whenever similar if they attract, sees what it is attracting for its life.

In the bars of the life they are next people with the same feelings, ansiedades and conflicts. It has as much love to give in the heart, that the people will be glad to be to its side, for the simple act to give love. When this> phenomenon happens in our lives, the ways is softer, the prosperity sprouts of all the sides and many impossible chances happen for its sincere gesture to love. It plants harmony seeds, of that it forms? Distributing its love to the world, offering smiles (the simple act to change the semblante of the face, with a smile already transforms its day), abraos, kisses, affections, attention to all, patience with the humble ones, tolerance to the facts, sincerity in the gestures, repayment of affection, gratitude to everything and all, also to the parents (they here are or in the plain spiritual, she has known or not, I understand them or not, reconciles you with them, therefore they are of different generations and she learns to pardon and she will see as your life will go to move for more good), look at the people in the eyes, it values the truth, either authoritarian with its faith, believes the infinite potential that exists inside of itself and learns to be thankful since the water that bathes it the conduction that leads to work. The infinite possibility of growth is regrada in the ways of the love, we only cultuamos when it with intensity appear unimaginable ways, fruits of the seeds planted with affection.


This work has for purpose to demonstrate to the forms of aiming of the profits or damages gotten for the inserted financial institutions in the cooperativista system, displaying still the advantages for the cooperated ones that they make use of the services offered for the cooperatives of credit in relation to the people whom if they submit to the same services, but offered by other modalities of financial institutions, more specifically the commercial banks. The great differential to associate it a credit cooperative – consisting financial institution under cooperativista regimen – is in the fact of that this type of entity acts objectifying one better economic efficiency, considering still, well-being of cooperated its. Through this scientific work it will be possible to analyze the importance that the credit cooperatives exert on the economy and which advantages it offers cooperated its, through a comparative study enters the financial cooperatives of credit and institutions s.a., specifically in the aiming of gotten results. Scientific and excessively material books, magazines, bibliographical articles had been used for the development of this work that had come to contribute for the enrichment of this. The study it demonstrates how much he is more advantageous to in general use the services offered for the cooperatives of credit in comparison to the same services offered for the commercial banks, beyond the return gotten I divide through it of the leftovers. Word-keys: cooperative of credit, results, advantage.