Month: November 2016

The Russian

Conclusions of marketing research 1. The Russian market is still relatively empty, so wait for his speedy and unconditional capture of the hypermarkets, to put it mildly, somewhat prematurely. 2. The domestic market is so ethnically and economically different in different regions that make any predictions concerning the country as a whole, is fundamentally wrong. 3. Please visit Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP if you seek more information.

Experience in most European countries shows that in any developed country, there is no 100 – or 90 – or even 50% of the suppression of small store large networks. So, the scope for choice, the investor is. With an average profit margin of modern food retailing is 23-25%. The minimum amount of initial investment, of course, depends on the format. Before an investor who decided to invest in this area face difficult choices: either to join the expansion of large networks and begin to develop your new business under the franchise one of them (the benefit of such “Portfolio” of proposals now on the market a few), or take a chance to organize it yourself.

Large independent network projects with investment amount of $ 10.8 million pay off for 5-6 years. Of course, if successful and competently to build a business process. The opening of the franchise’s own regional network of shops will cost 3.5 million order for the money back, take 3,5 years. Franchising offers other “Networkers” on opening supermarkets require lower unit (250-700 thousand dollars) costs. In addition, they quickly pay for themselves (the speed record belongs to one of the supermarkets “Crossroads” – 1 year).

Campaign For The Anniversary

PRINZ magazine is one of the Jane Fox advertising agency that has Jane Fox advertising agency the advertising campaign for the celebrations on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Prince created magazine. The city and lifestyle magazine with 13 regional editions from the Hamburg-based publisher of the season will be waiting with the October issue in each city with 20 events and actions. The Stuttgart-based full service advertising agency designed a campaign that goes hand in hand with the launch of the microsite here as well as in the past years. Read more here: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. As in previous years was different this year not on a photographic imagery, but on the collaboration with the illustrator of Stefan Bachmann from Wiesbaden, illustrating long for Prince. After the creative and successful campaigns in the past few years we entrust advertising agency the concept of promotional activities in the important anniversary year of Jane Fox for our annual events”as Thomas Muffke, Marketing Director and project manager at the PRINZ magazine in Hamburg. All parties look forward to the start of the campaign, good actions and events in the cities and avid reader of Prince. Info: Prince is 20 years: Prince Magazine: Jane Fox advertising agency: Stefan Bachmann, illustration: