Month: January 2017

Che Guevara

Love, revolution, equality, justice, the sacrifice, the volunteering, are concepts that highlights the widespread perception of Che in synergy. The truth is that these constructions are mystical and relating, based on a worldly custom disrupts avoid the deepening of the study. Prefer genuflexarse before a sympathetic figure rather than questioning it. The same Che JojoyEl Che, whose pen slips by drawing beautiful phrases, was also responsible for selective annihilation in Santa Clara overshadowed by the beautiful verses that the troubadours dedicated to their universal anthem-. Nor I skimp on writing military treaties, the most celebrated is dedicated to the use of the submachine gun.

Yes! It was a belligerent, guerrilla fighter, who saw a gap for the construction of an idyllic reality in the instrumentalisation of the rifle. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is open to suggestions. He blindly believed that the end justified the means. In times where everything was dichotomous, chromatic partition of opposites. Weeks ago the media announcing with trumpets death in bombing of Mono Jojoy. Who?, Yes, military Chief of the guerrillas Colombian. Today terrorist, yesterday guerrilla, today belligerent, revolutionary yesterday.

His corpse poses before the cameras, soldiers are grouped armando sadistic choreographies; fishermen who exhibited his corpulent proud victim. A true spectacle of death and happiness. Like Che his murder was celebrated vigorously, in ominous scenes furnished by the putrefaction of the meat and the flash of cameras. Course, the aforesaid primate Jojoy did not have the intelligentsia of Guevara, was diabetic and quite ugly, unable to develop reflections, or deliver speeches at the United Nations. However, their lives and goals intersect and directed toward a horizon, both engineers of a future utopian faccioso, ideal, interested, bloody, but in the end, projected into the future. Each with his stamp as A conclusion and from my humble opinion is curious that we veneremos a man without delving into his life, Che is perhaps a victim of the same precariousness and provisionality that governs us. A perfect, Argentine forest gardener swells of Rosario. Asthmatic and with cigar in mouth, enough bricks to build an altar in our consciences, rubbing the irrationality of religion. Each one takes his own photo, and since she imagines a Che Guevara.

Primary Course

Much people still in the terrestrial primary course, if find very advanced because she has some university chairs, and, however, she is simply developing the reason, therefore she makes question to ignore the Immortal Spirit that survives to the brain that livens up a body that if it decomposes in the cemetary. JESUS, the GOD CHRIST, without attending a course no terrena estudantil chair was the wisest of all together scholars of that time. From there if he proves that something more had In it beyond the brain of a simple ones Human being. Book stamped with ' ' seven selos' ' Clouds and encircle it to blackout, justice and judgment is the base of its throne. Book of the Salmos, CAP.

97:2. All person is a Book Stamped with ' ' seven selos' ' , Only the MASTER JESUS, Can abriz it and read it. The sky raises the person of the land For conduziz it, Making to transpose it the veil, and to win proper Babel. It supports its Soul, It takes off it of the mud, and lights its flame That was extinguished. It blows in it the Spirit Immortal The holy ghost and, and helps its evolution In the sidereal day.

It takes off its impediments forever Freeing it, Therefore it dirige the mind. Here it is the biggest Charity That can give nobody it: To be an open Book and with JESUS to walk. Many stamps are unfastened In the life of the Human being To be, Happy he is who if it opens and it fights To live. These stamps, who arranged? He was the proper one Human being When of GOD it turned into a desert. The Man is born frees In the Seio of the Perpetual Father, When he turns aside yourself from the Good, He creates its proper hell. In the hell of Dante, He has beings of all species, That regrediram in the road, Running away from the Celestial Father.

Use Facebook, Twitter And Myspace

Facebook is one of the most popular means of internet. And undeniable popular support for your business and help bring traffic to your website, blog or your company. If you realize it is almost impossible to calculate how much you have to gain access to the entire world using social media like facebook., Twitter, myspace … of course earnings are not generated just for signing up to these sites and have many friends you achieve what you give is what you receive and create confidence travez of your pages or messages is paramount. The tendency of these sites is to follow the leader, say an example. If I like the movie because I go and find my favorite artist and I follow his news and I can even interact with them and to deliver marketing techniques they use. Learn more about this with Boy Scouts of America. The main goal for you, you’re creating an online business using social media is to attract people who may be interested in the products we offer.

Like you do? looking for groups associated with these topics or products. Once there they give opinions, I enter your topics or products in the most professional way possible and never forward and expose your product instantly, you need to first create a relationship where the human touch and reach higher levels where the client recognizes that there is no lie behind you and really honest is a human being behind your photo. And it is here where the importance of the material you use to let you know either personally or as a business and when I’m talking about the material referiero especially photos, videos and articles published to attract your potential customers. Inspire and give confidence, is the goal. The impression that results in your profile, your photo, your twitter or items such should be in tune and project absolute control of what you want to convey. Say for example, the mere fact of entering a restaurant and see how good or attractive furniture that will make you not order the food, just provoke you enter, once there the deal and the trust that the person who will attend to you which definitely makes you sort. Even so this trust is created as necessary to keep the product you offer, if at the same time you can get the customer order and do not have a quality product in line with customer expectations, then you’ve managed to attract this customer experience will run like wildfire, especially in social media on the Internet. Although it seems easy to make money online has exactly the same rules as when we speak of a business classic, Achieving customer confidence is the most important and this point requires a great effort and a lot of work also take your property the product of highest demand.


Some human beings are the world. And in this environment there are thousands of items. A part of them has nothing to do with the interests of an individual. While the majority does affect your interests. For reasons of adaptation to your environment you need to know the impact for you of everything. This allows you to take action to avoid what hurts you. Dr. Neal Barnard contains valuable tech resources. And at a time to promote what way in the sense of your inclinations. Get all the facts and insights with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, another great source of information. Human reasoning is pretty good at anticipating the effects.

Can predict with certainty any danger. And it is also able to advise on possible opportunities to exploit. BSA is likely to agree. However, the thought is too slow. And it requires something that although not as accurate as he is at least faster. The human mind has something like emotions.

They are able to tell if what we see is good or bad for you. When others are actions you do not have to stop and think about them. Your emotions almost immediately, your intuition, you are saying if what they do for you or threatens you. When you feel fear it represents a clear signal before you are a potential risk to you. If you feel excited about what happens is a warning that you're surrounded by positive developments. That is the fundamental role of emotions and feelings. They help you guidance on the nature of each item. They advance to be able to make rational analysis of circumstances. They will say: "This is good" if you experience pleasant emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, love, pleasure …

The Movements

The superior colculos, act as reflected centers, that govern the movements of the eyes, the head and the neck, in reply the visual stimulatons and to other stimulatons. The inferior rises are reflected centers for the movements of the head and the trunk, in reply the stimulatons auditory. Mesencfalo contains diverse nuclei, also the left and the right, the black substances, that control the muscular activities, the red nuclei, rich sanguineous suppliment and of a pigment, I contend iron, in its neuronais cellular bodies. The known medial lemnisco as white substance, contains axnios that lead impulses related with the sensations of tato (TORTORA; GRABOWSKI, 2002). The cerebellum occupies the faces inferior and posterior of the craniana socket, located subsequent to the bulb and to the bridge, and inferior to the posterior part of the brain is separate of the brain for fiction transversa, and the tent of the brain. The previous wolf and the posterior wolf govern the subconscious movements of the esquelticos muscles; the wolf to flculo-nocular, in the inferior surface, is related with the direction of the balance.

One of the main functions of the cerebellum is to evaluate if the movements initiated for the motor areas, beyond co-ordinating the dependent movements of abilities, are the main one region of encfalo regulating of the position and rocking (TORTORA; GRABOWSKI 2002). Diencfalo extends of the enceflico trunk until the brain and surrounds the third ventricle; it includes the thalamus, hipotlamo, epitlamo and subtlamo. The thalamus is the main retransmissora station for the sensorial impulses in its way for the brain, come of the spinal marrow, of the enceflico trunk, the cerebellum and other parts of the brain. It allows the perception of some sensations as to the ones of pain, temperature and pressure. The nuclei, in each half of the thalamus, have some papers: the medial geniculado nucleus transmits impulses auditory; the lateral geniculado nucleus transmits impulses visual; the posterior ventral nucleus transmits impulses for the palate and the somatic sensations, as of tato, vibration, heat, cold (TORTORA; GRABOWSKI, 2002).


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Create a teleclass, seminar, workshop or other event. This may be once or treat a variety of classes. (But if you do this, be sure they’re registered so you can sell them later.) The good thing about this advice is that it is a good mix. You can reach groups of people at once and at the same time providing a personal touch. 6. A license of its programs or services. That is, if an idea works in your business, worked in the business of others (for example, a trainer can provide tools license or program to other coaches.) Do not know much about it, but (Miguel lopez aguirre) sells a program that can teach you how. 7.

Create a paid site. Not only will you be getting regular income each month, but also is building its database of customers – people who are interested in buying their products and services. It is much easier to sell to people who are already customers to find new ones. 8. Start a continuity program. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boy Scouts of America offers on the topic.. This is similar to a site where members pay a monthly fee for a product or service. Maybe you create a monthly paid subscription newsletter that offers coaching calls and interviews with successful people. Whatever, it’s something that people find valuable enough to pay a small, but regular monthly fee. 9. Sell ads on your website or e-zine or whatever. This probably will not make anyone rich, but it could become a small stream of revenue based upon how many people are looking for in your e-zine or web site. 10. Use Adsense. This is when you allow Google to place pay per click ads to your website or blog. In return, each time someone clicks on one of those ads, Google will pay you a percentage. Excellent program, eh? Anyway, I think this is a method that has to be a bit careful because most of the time people will click off your website and that’s not a good thing (especially knowing that it will go one of its competitors). But sometimes this is very appropriate. For example, perhaps you have developed a website or blog about a hobby. Creativity Exercise – Find time to create multiple revenue streams is probably the hardest part of creating multiple revenue streams is to find the time, especially when their main activity is based on services. So, now we know how important it is, how will you find the time to start doing it? Here are some ideas for you to consider: * Hire a virtual assistant (VA). * Create systems in your company so you can complete business tasks faster and more efficiently. * Increase your prices so that you may have fewer customers and make more money. * Devote a Saturday or Sunday to work on your business. (Be aware that you could end very soon burned.) Bring a pen and paper and write some ideas to see how you can find more time to begin to create more sources of income.

Gallegos Nava

A comprehensive society would be the one that had the conditions, structures, institutions and other elements that make possible that individuals, as integral beings, could reach the highest level of the evolution of consciousness. A new sustainable economic model necessarily needs an integral education, an education that a mind and heart, forming integral individuals, a true holistic education. Dr. Neal Barnard will not settle for partial explanations. The economy, education and spirituality are not contradictory aspects, human beings need three to live in this world. The purpose of the learning communities is the evolution of consciousness through learning integral and permanent. Learning communities are the creative space of a new conscience with vision of totality, sustainability, foresight, integrality and secular spirituality, a comprehensive and profound vision, transmodern and post-industrial for the 21st century. Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava. Holistic education and learning communities have profound implications for human evolution, are not limited to reproduce the current planetary culture, they seek the emergence of a culture of peace, a new stage of development of human consciousness. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava.En essence, we can appreciate that the implementation and the development of a learning community, provides the foundations of holistic education giving coverage to 30 quadrants of the educational model multinivel-multidimension of this emerging paradigm. CONCLUSIONS read once the books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava came to the conclusion about the fundamentals of education holistic cited in the educational work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, has generated me certainty of It is possible to establish a new paradigm in the educational system of local and global society of our times, through the exercise of our spirituality through a practice integral to allow the significance of our being, starting with the self-knowledge to reduce attachment, remove barriers and suffering that has generated us ignorance and indifference of the true reality affecting our environmentdisguised by the instrumental rationality of traditional education which offers the mechanistic paradigm.

Smoke Detectors

Worldwide, the main feature of ignition, which provides early detection is the smoke, because the vast majority at the first stage of a fire is smoldering material, accompanied by smoke, but only Subsequently, there are pockets of open flame, and hence heat. That's why smoke detectors are so popular. Kinds of smoke detectors: 1) Simple smoke detector. They send a signal to fire the device, which in turn turn, includes a siren. Determine if this is the room in which a fire occurred, it is often difficult. 2) Addressable smoke detector.

Their application allows you to accurately determine the location of fire at actuated sensor. 3) Analogue smoke detector. This smoke detector does not record the increase in the concentration of smoke, and acts as a meter. It produces the preliminary signals of a suspected fire situation before how the threshold is triggered sensor. The main parameters of the smoke detector are sensitivity, which depends on the ability of the smoke detector in time to detect the smoke and the possibility of a false signal. When lack of proper maintenance on the walls of the smoke chamber, a layer of dust, which can occur false alarm. On the dust, this is really an important issue in the flue sensors, we should say especially. Dust accumulation inside the smoke chamber leads to false positives, if the detector is in the draft – a process that occurs quickly enough.

If the room is not very dusty and there is strong air flow, this process slows down. In simple smoke detectors to track and monitor the accumulation of dust is practically impossible, therefore, in accordance with the rules of sensors have to disassemble and clean, which naturally requires material costs. Analogue addressable smoke detector offset dusting during operation, they are much more protected from false positives, allow in-service determine the level of dust. That is, one can predict when a particular detector needs cleaning. Analogue sensors can automatically predict the timing of maintenance, that is, the control device compensates for the slow change in the level of the signals it receives from each sensor, and taking into account the range of compensation and the time of operation, automatically calculates and displays the data on Display control panel projected date of service.