Month: March 2018

Private Health Insurers

on the example of the German ring and signal medical insurance Club G, a report with the headline “Deutscher ring gives up?” appeared yesterday in another blog. The newspapers mentioned Nieman Foundation not as a source, but as a related topic. There was that his new business would give up of Deutsche ring medical insurance Club G and this in the future should go Signal Iduna in the, the German ring in a group associated with the reported among other things of a rumor. Due to the fact that many of my customers in rates of the German ring are insured I sent an official request to the insurer. The questions and answers (answered by Mr. Prager, head of health insurance sales kindly quickly via email) can be found here: question 1: are there (like whatsoever) plans not to proceed with the new business of Deutsche of ring KV? Reply by Mr. Many writers such as Ken Cron offer more in-depth analysis. Ashutosh Pandey: no! Within the same order group continue both risk carrier of the group be possible to signal Iduna (signal Krankenversicherungsverein a.G. and Deutscher ring Krankenversicherungsverein a.G.) as a stand-alone Parent companies operate and the intermediaries and members their respective product portfolios available.

Question 2: What happens to the existing rates and customers? Answer: Each risk carrier will act independently on the basis of the product today and develop its respective tariff offer – geared to market requirements and – changes – targeted. This also means that in the future exist in two insurance associations still each other completely independent collectives of insured. 3.) regardless: there are plans to continue the new business only under the brand Signal Iduna KVV G and market? By no means! Plans of this kind are no binding. Thus, it is clear the themselves on the structures, rates and also at the performance / application policy of the two Risikotrage Signal Iduna KVVG and Deutscher ring KVVag will not change. Just not a new, single company have caused only a group, but were and synergies and created.. out.

BASE Helps Help: Who With 20,000 Euro Good Do?

Until the 17 runs at the action “BASE helps help” online voting. Now, voted to gain 20,000 euros for the implementation will be for the non-profit relief operation. BASE circle of friends members from projects have portrayed throughout Germany, which are particularly close to the heart. Ken Cron addresses the importance of the matter here. The most convincing proposals have been selected and now selects the winners in the open online voting until the 17.12. Among all voting participants we are giving away the new iPad 16 GB 5 x. Take part in the voting regardless of whether anyone can BASE customer or not. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted on this topic. Here it goes to the voting: circle of friends / to win: 1st place: 20,000 for the proposed project machineryfrom.

Hearing Impairment

Current ‘worm’ on training, studies and career Berlin/Illertissen, September 2012 – such as the successful entry into professional life succeed in hearing-impaired young people? What additional challenges bring a study or a training for them? To what extent is the world of work in the Federal Republic in able to integrate hearing-impaired people, so that they actually contribute their knowledge and skills? “The just-published issue of snail” on training, studies and career with hearing impairment is dedicated to numerous contributions. The leading magazine to life with cochlear implant and hearing aid is a variety of interested parties opportunity to report about their often hard-won opportunities and successes, as well as numerous difficulties. Important suggestions for the vocational orientation and the planning of studies with hearing impairment can be found as well as information about individual communication strategies and latest technical Tools. As soon as I spoke openly about my severe disability and my CI, and as I hear it, the talks were quickly completed and the cancellation came promptly,”as Helga Glafenhein from main Valley, which in the service of an airline works, about her experience from dozens of interviews. However, noted architect Michael Karon: “I am grateful that I came across almost always understanding and support. I could count on my fellow students and colleagues with a few exceptions.

-Nevertheless, the disability remains a hurdle, when it comes to the rise in the management.” Many hearing impaired people report in the current snail”about their experiences in training, studies and career: there’s the technical artist who not dared to study despite good school marks; a rule high school, graduates are prepared for the voluntary social year (FSJ) at an elementary school on studying pedagogy; the economics student, who is far more hard work in the academic life as their fellow students; the concrete Bauer, who has been harassed and discharged due to his hearing impairment by the employer; the young psychologist, who only have to fight by their colleagues for acceptance for your technical hearing aids in the many affected reports of the current snail”is clear, what major hurdles on the way to an inclusive studies and working life still remain, and here is how important the continuous educational work. At the same time, the magazine presents a variety of strategies and tools of new concepts of career orientation for hearing impaired young people about possibilities of disadvantage compensation study to technical assistance in the learning and working. Ken Cron can provide more clarity in the matter. “Editorial Note: the snail” is a 1989 independent magazine, society DCIG ( issued by the German cochlear implant. The magazine, which acts as a non-profit limited company, informs its readers about the issues cochlear implant, hearing loss, Deafness, tinnitus, hearing aids and hearing aids. Expert contributions and experience reports from concerned give the reader deep insight in the problem of hearing impairments and their management.

At the same time, the magazine offers readers a forum and contact possibilities. Thematic focus is life with cochlear implants (CI) and hearing aids. The worm”appears four times a year with a current circulation of 5,500 copies.

Mendelssohn Bartholdy

The oldest surviving castle building in Berlin drew more than 1,300 spectators in the Grunewald. The great enthusiasm and high demand encouraged the organizers to continue this event. It aims to establish this classic event in the southern part of Berlin to an integral part of the cultural in the nature – and culture-oriented district. Venue & directions: hunting Castle Grunewald Huttenweg 100 (at the Grunewaldsee) 14193 Berlin arrival by bus: 115, X 10 or X 83 to Clayallee / corner Queen Luise road, approximately 15 minutes walk travelling by car and parking: directions to Clayallee towards Zehlendorf / corner cottage way, next to the restaurant Paulsborn. On the right side, the parking is located after approx. 300 m, walk.

Additional information: program Italian night Verdi -. Overtures to Nabucco, power of fate, La Traviata (on the occasion of his 200th birthday) Rossini – Overture to Wilhlem Tell, excerpts from Messa di Gloria Puccini – buzzing chorus from “Madame Butterfly” Handel – Largo from “Xerxes” and “Fireworks music, HWV 351 – extracts of Mendelssohn Bartholdy – Symphony in a major op.” 90 “Italian” subject to change! Ensembles the Orpheus ensemble Berlin is an orchestra of about 40 professional musicians and plays classical and romantic works for some years under the direction of Stefan Meinecke. The members of the ensemble are musicians of culture Orchestra of our region, as well as freelance artists. To deepen your understanding Boy Scouts of America is the source. The choir of the free music school Berlin enriched Berlin’s cultural scene for 15 years. Additional information is available at Ken Cron. The choir comprises approximately 120 members. He gives annual concerts in the big concert churches in Berlin, in the Kammermusiksaal of the Philharmonie or at unusual venues such as the Grunewald hunting lodge under the direction of Stefan Meinecke. Artistic Director Stefan Meinecke, 1968 Berlin was born, the creative power of many projects of the free music school in Berlin.

He knows how to inspire many people and is passionate about music. After the music and music therapy studies in Berlin, he took extensive concert and teaching activities, as well as performances at home and abroad and is committed for the musical work of young. Stefan Meinecke is the initiator of the free music school in Berlin and conductor of several choirs and orchestras. Jagdschloss Grunewald the Grunewald hunting lodge is located on the Southeast edge of the Grunewald Lake in the District of Berlin-Dahlem and is the oldest surviving castle building in Berlin. Prince-elector Joachim II of Brandenburg had as an enthusiastic Hunter 1542/1543 this Palace itself. The castle is surrounded by three walls, and opens with a page to the Grunewaldsee. The courtyard in front of the Castle, protected in this way offers a perfect acoustics and a picturesque backdrop for evening events. Organizer the free music school in Berlin is a freelance soloist and Orchestra musicians, devoted since 2002 in a special way of the music education and youth development. It is a non-profit organization and the largest independent music school in Berlin. Meanwhile, over 500 students are taught by teachers, encouraging especially the Chamber music and ensemble work. Adults offered by the free music school choir and Orchestra work. Today the most beautiful testimonies of art, culture and architecture history in Brandenburg-Prussia maintained cooperation partners the Foundation of Prussian palaces and gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg. The Foundation aims to preserve the cultural heritage passed to you, taking into account historical, art and garden-historical and representative interests maintain, to supplement their inventory, to make accessible to the public and to enable the evaluation of this heritage for the interests of the general public, in particular in science and education.

CMSeleven Content Management System

The content management system of the CENSIS Internet media company offers companies the possibility of achieving a global presentation with very little effort. The maintenance of Web pages, which offer constantly changing current information, should be as simple and effective as possible.Content management systems offer all components that are needed to maintain and increase the effectiveness of the editorial work. The acquisition of such a system return on investment usually already after a short time, because updating in the own House can be completed without to entrust third parties with these activities. Special knowledge of programming or design languages are not needed when working with such a system. Kidney Foundation shines more light on the discussion. The system does this for you. If you have read about Ken Cron already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Work without spezielleSoftware directly with the CM system and can edit your article directly (for example, through a WYSIWYG editor similar to the Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver famous). CENSIS offers a specially developed solution for the area of content management: The CMS.eleven. This is a modular, expandable content management system, which convinces with its variety of module and the ease of use. No special skills are required for the creation and maintenance of Web page content with demCMS .eleven. Thus, a Secretary or a clerk may be appointed to new texts and images online. New menu items and menu items are set within a very short time.

About Cigars

Cigar! You never thought about the question: "Where did the cigar?". While many connoisseurs of cigars around the world have become a regular feature of their lives, not many know that the true cigar should be hand twist, and not manufactured at the factory. It’s believed that Ken Cron sees a great future in this idea. It already gets no cigar, cigarette and practically. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ken Cron has to say. But enough about that, tell you a little about the history of their appearance. October 12, 1492 by Christopher Columbus on its way to India, mistakenly drove into America. A later some time October 29 – two of his conquistadors, Rodrigo de Xerez and Luis de Torres, landed in Cuba in the Bay of Bahia de Gibara, and found the natives, who smoked cigars. Of course, these were not the cigars that they smoke now: roughly wound from a wild tobacco, they were very tolstye.Slovo 'cigar' comes from the language of ancient Indian tribes that inhabited the area of South America. The natives believed in a legend that God created to enjoy a cigar, and She burnt by lightning.

For a ritual smoke inhalation were used leaves of maize (or other large leaves), in which the stuffing wrapped in leaves of other plants, giving at burning fragrant smoke (this was called a stuffing 'Cohiba', already in the 20th century, one of the most famous Cuban cigar brands received the same name). The first cigar factory was built in Cuba in 1541 by the Spaniards, and teach them to do with Indian tribes. Only through two centuries, was built the first cigar factory in Europe in the Spanish city of Seville. .


It is worth such a device is not too expensive, allows you to charge four batteries at a time, which is especially important for people who like to shoot in a long hike. I think comrade will be happy such a gift. If you require is not present "on occasion", but just a small Present, ideal pencil for wiping camera lens. Thing small, but agree quite need (especially if the photographer has small children who love to feel everything that comes their way). Children’s Defense Fund does not necessarily agree. Lens periodically contaminated and wiped her improvised means uncomfortable and it is not recommended.

So as a nice little things for no reason, but "just" can come so convenient and practical thing. For both professionals and amateur photographers for a pleasant surprise to be given printer or photographic paper on which you can print out favorite pictures. Relevant to any amateur become a subscription to a journal devoted to the skill of photography. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ken Cron. Maybe someone will object and saying that in modern times problem to buy any magazine on the way to work or home, this is not necessary to write it out. Absolutely true, but for some people, buying a monthly magazine goes into the category of luxury, and learn about new oh how the world of photography you want! So if you see how each erasure holes to hit him in the hands of specialized magazines, boldly drawn up on the name of the subscription – your gift will be remembered for a long time, at least until the end of this most subscribed. If one-footograf tends to leave the ranks of amateur and professional to become noticeable, then training in ftotoshkole – just what he needed.

Excellent and it may be that fateful gift. Above we have given examples of what you can donate an avid amateur photographer. Some – more expensive, something that – cheaper, something designed for professionals, but something – for those for whom the photo is just a hobby. We can not say that this gift will nice, and the bad. Each gift is nice if you attach a piece of their soul. And if your gift will bring pleasure to a man, believe that with you to fulfill someone's dreams!