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Nationwide SONGLive Creativ Competition In The Area Of

Final concert in terms of vocal/pop in Hamburg the SONGLive Creativ competition Hamburg is awarded annually by the SangerAkademie and is a podium not only new voice talents, but features new compositions and lyrics. Applications from all over Germany candidates in the final had managed this year eight: banana killer, Tina Amalie Sander, Ingo Stahl, Jane Lewis, Michael Becker, Vincenzo Tricoli and Miaomio. Kidney Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The promising singers, songwriters and bands come from Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Bonn, Celle and Cologne. Public final concert: Saturday, 05.12.2009, 20:00, at the Studio Hall of Hamburg, SangerAkademie Eiffestr. 664 B, 20537 Hamburg. Right after the concert, a jury decides.

This is followed by the awards ceremony: in addition to attractive prizes are also scholarships at the Hamburg SangerAkademie. Jury SONGLive Creativ competition 2009: Klaus Peter Samson (Director of SangerAkademie Hamburg) FRL. Menke (singer) Xenia Afonina (singer) (songwriter, Yao Homenya “Singer) Sonja Deuter (music management) Susanne Haji Hunter (NDR 90.3) Rudi Druve (NDR 90.3) Florian Merkel (hamburger Morgenpost) the SongLive”, is a full nationwide singing competition for NachwuchssangerInnen in the pop area, the SangerAkademie Hamburg organized for more than 16 years every year. The three best singers occur live TV deep into the music-new hero by Matthias Lorenz-Meyer. Special Prize, also awarded this evening, are the finalists for the Franz Grothe: Thorsten Schuck and Jasmin Zschiesche.

Background SangerAkademie Hamburg: The SangerAkademie Hamburg is the only Academy of its kind in Germany: in addition to the degree of professional choral singing (4 years), there is the study of popular music vocals (3 years). Especially is that the undergraduate at both divisions equal and have the students of pop music, pop and classical music teacher. After passing the final exam, students are certified concert singer, and qualified Popularsanger. Get next year they approved to confer a Bachelor’s degree in these areas. More information and ticket sales: 040 Tel. 2130-43 /-44 fax 040 212921 or schanzensound

Creativity, The Self And Its Position In The Universe

In the interview you may have used other words and pictures Albert Metzler, as we would do today, but they also sought recognition, surveyed their perception, inspired and also found! Just at the present time of the largest abundance of communication, where the world’s knowledge is available to anyone, who wants to acquire it, we have therefore a vast reservoirs of inspirations, which explore the self and its place in the universe with different words. On this exciting topic of bestselling author, coach and trainer Albert Metzler manifests itself in an exclusive interview with Dr. Christiane Gierke. \”Christiane Gierke: Mr Metzler, after first listening to your CD with the unusual title of beautiful energies was thinking of a saying by Leonardo da Vinci in the sense: the real knowledge comes from the heart.\” Albert Metzler: Very nice, I like it very. And of course Leonardo completely right. If you think only of the almost universal beauty of all his works, you will feel immediately, that He something must have understood, that is hardly any more in words can be.

Obviously it is something beyond conventional rationality. Click American Diabetes Association to learn more. And you can see that nothing but his heart was the source of this understanding. Different can be explained not also his incredible creativity. Christiane Gierke: I have the impression that the inspiration comes deep from your heart even when your beautiful energies. This is also probably the reason why the CD never contrived, but as fully authentic sounds. Albert Metzler: Inspiration comes certainly from the inside, but not less from outside. Actually both can also not really exactly separate from each other. Here we come to a specific facet of the question: what is reality? Unexpected energies into every human, Leonardo is a prominent example of this. No one will seriously doubt that was a genius like Leonardo full physical and mental forces, then by the beauty of his works for each visible were, which they also wanted to see.

Creative Career Doing

Information day at the Academy of German POP sitting on 18 April in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich with bands on the mixer, organize concerts or websites design for companies the Academy German POP music paves the way into exciting careers with 38 practice-oriented training in the areas of sound, management, design, image and communication. The entry is possible quarterly. The Academy in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich has locations. Go to next semester, which begins in early April, 21 brand new training courses at the start. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. Among other things with the Mastering is engineer”. At the time very many requests are”, so Rudiger Veith, Managing Director of music support group / Academy German POP.

The mastering engineer”offered nowhere else and is therefore unique in Germany. On 18 April, the Academy envisions all interested parties. All four sites will open their doors from 2 pm until 6 pm. Snacks and drinks, exciting workshops are offered between those lecturers for questions to the Available. All those who are interested in an education in music or media area, are welcome, also in the company of friends and family! More information and registration: German/info day /.

Unique Concept For Creative Minds revolutionized the design market designers and clients have it easier in future for the first pan-European Agency is since the beginning of the year online and promises to break up the obsolete structures of the designer market. The Internet portal offers an innovative concept, which has long been used in many other industries. This concept is based on a simple principle, it offers creative services online instead of offline so far, this is a gap in the market for the design. Thus, Criggle founded the first worldwide creative platform, which directly brings together designers and clients. Long time innovative knowledge workers on word of mouth, personal contacts, and conventional tenders were instructed. On the other hand, their client had often with solutions off the shelf\”satisfied, instead of made-to-measure Haute Couture\” to get. Now they have the access to a large pool of designers and to get the best possible quality. A successful concept, how many creative Find heads, because already in the first weeks of 523 creative as Criggler have signed up and the designer Portal successfully completed its beta phase.

Looking for the matching logo awarded Criggle 1000 Euro prize for the most creative design. The interest was immense with 406 submissions. First customers, such as AXA Insurance AG or the cosmetics chain Senzera GmbH, which hired their orders at Criggle, showed happy with the potential of the site. The concept is that companies set their tenders on and set the fee. Creative minds can look at them and submit their proposals.

The contracting authorities to operate the chance of crowd-sourcing and from a variety of proposals individually to select the best. The tender submission period is over, the favorite contacts receives the supplement, and the principal. The designer then continues in direct contact with the client. The possibilities offered by the designer market Criggle, existed in this form so far not yet.