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German honorary e.V. shows the most common liability risks on a club’s management does not differ from the leadership of a company with regard to the liability situation for the Board of Directors. Therefore, it is advisable to take a voluntary Board of Directors work only, when it has grappled with the risks and the tasks involved. A Club is quickly established, a volunteering easily taken over but it is not done. The legal protection of the Board should be in any case of one of the first topics for every club,”Roland Weber, expert for Association and association law in the German voluntary work Association recommends. Liability risks the five most common traps at a glance under the motto we keep volunteering the back free ‘ specializes in the German voluntary work Association on the legal, tax and insurance-technical advice to clubs, associations, and foundations. Voluntarily engaged people make an important contribution to society, but often are their Not aware of liability situation. The information the GERMANS VOLUNTEERING e.V.

points out on the five most common liability risks, which have to observe voluntary Board members. 1 the Board violated his duty to the proper management pursuant to 26 BGB is the Board of Directors the executive organ of the Association and is responsible for the proper execution of the Executive Board. He does not fulfil this obligation culpably and a financial loss, arises the Association can be taken personally claim by the Club. He is liable with his personal fortune. (Similarly see: Dr. Neal Barnard). 2.

Division of tasks and responsibilities are not clearly outlined in the Association the regulations in the Statute are decisive for the sharing of responsibility in the Club. The Board of Directors is responsible that a clear division of tasks and jurisdiction is carried out in the Club. 3. the volunteering not dutifully executed the voluntary exercise of Club and Board functions does not exempt from the personal liability. In the fulfilment of legal obligations the Board pursuant to 26 BGB in the location must be, fully and punctually to perform tasks to avoid personal liability risks. 4. the subdivisions and departments of the Association are not sufficiently monitored the Management Board is responsible for the action of the divisions / subdivisions of the Association. This applies especially for the tax obligations in relation, as the Club as a whole is a common subject. 5. the Board of Directors has risks not insured the Board must ensure that he is private liability adequately insured against the risks, to set game not his private existence. The German voluntary work Association cares for over ten years to the legal, tax and insurance technical protection of volunteers dedicated people. The membership provides the seal protection against liability risks ‘ and thus extensive protection against personal liability risks. The seal stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection of club directors in their volunteer activities. Members can be all clubs, associations, foundations and communities of interest and benefit from the many services including bylaws reviews, event and property damage liability insurance. Rosemarie Nohbauer

Public Youth Organization

From 22 to 28 March 2010 in the Greater Sochi will be the 21st time competition search and rescue (SEP-2010). And, as before, the participants waiting for the route over 100 miles across rugged terrain with 150 stages and 168 hours without sleep and rest. This year, competitors, new opportunities: the assignment of sports categories and ranks, obtaining official documents in instructor training, work in the summer period on tourist routes, familiarity with the latest tourist equipment, participation in projects to develop youth tourism in Russia … But it is sure to be and that is always on PSRah: Another life full of adventure, Meeting old friends, the emergence of new leaders, a decision impossible tasks, an experience that will prove useful in the future, and an unforgettable experience! Competitions will be held on the 3 rd group: 'A', 'B', 'P'. Planned participation of 60 teams from throughout Russia. One of these teams is the Sochi team 'On the Edge' led Kargapolova EJ, which is currently actively preparing to participate in the competitions! After all, in order to adequately address the PSRah not only one only wishes. Necessary to diligently and promptly prepared theoretically, practically and emotionally! Wish us luck, and be ill for us! Official website of the competition: general management training and the competitions carried out: the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the All-Russian Public Youth Organization "All student housing rescue", Tourism and Sport Union, Russia, the interregional public organization "Our Tourism", the Russian State University for Tourism and Service, Office of Science and Education Administration of Sochi, the Tourist and sports federation, the Sochi.

International Opportunity

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Foundation Independent University

AFELMA is added to ATECOS, the new tool of the professionals of the construction in the search of the improvement energetics The Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Lanas Minerales Aislantes (AFELMA) is added to ATECOS, the platform online developed by Foundation Surroundings-BCSD Spain, the Foundation Independent University of Madrid (FUAM) and, that will advise to the professionals the sector of the construction to adapt to the new model of growth based on the efficiency energetics. (A valuable related resource: Chase Koch). For it ATECOS ( will count on intelligent finders of last generation with which to operate the first and more complete data base of knowledge around the improvement energetics of the buildings. Architects, foremen, engineers, constructors, promoters, real estate agents, managing power and administrators of property will even be able to find administrative information on the new legal requirements, procedures, fiscal incentives or subsidys available; and to be abreast of different currents from opinion, the new constructive techniques, tools of calculation and design, and products and services available in the market. Until the moment, the platform counts on the sponsorship of 14 Spanish companies and 5 mass media, besides the collaboration of 9 enterprise organizations and the support of the Environment and Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, Rural and Marine Means. With their incorporation, AFELMA will be able to transmit their technical opinions, knowledge and experience and to obtain that all the interested have the information necessary to be able to advance in the power saving of the sector of the construction. The organizations who integrate Platform ATECOS are: Promotional organizations: Foundation Spain Surroundings-BCSD, Foundation Independent University of Madrid and Sponsoring companies: It drives, Cemex, Daikin, ENDESA, Financier and Miner, Natural Gas Fenosa, Holcim, Knauf Insulation, OHL, Lafarge, Lutron, Rockwool, Solvay and Ursa-Uralita. Means sponsoring:, Editorial the Installer, Future Habitat, Urban Works and Editions Cement. Institutional supports: Ministry of Public Works and the Economy and Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Means Collaborating organizations: Association of Companies of Efficiency Energetics (A3e), Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Lanas Minerales Aislantes (AFELMA), Association of Companies of Integral Maintenance and Servicios Energticos (AMI), BREEAM Spain (breeam is), National Confederation of Installers and Mantenedores (CNI), Spanish Association of Brick Manufacturers and Arcilla Roofing tiles Cocida (HISPALYT), Hotel Technical Institute (ITH), Valencian Institute of Edificacin (IVE) and Grouping of Cement Manufacturers of Spain (OFICEMEN) Foundation Spain Surroundings-BCSD: Foundation Surroundings Spanish Enterprise Advice for the Sustainable Development (FE-BCSD Spain) is a private organization to the service of the companies that wish to reinforce their commitment with the development sustainable..

Body Psychotherapy

Every time you hear about more and more about body psychotherapy, and although the same name gives us a good idea of what this branch of clinical psychology can be treated, it is easy there are many doubts about its effectiveness and way of working. So here I present this brief text which attempts to clarify these and other points. Body psychotherapy is a psychological therapy for adolescents and adults that has discovered that the incociente of which so much has been heard since times of Sigmund Freud, is in the body, and this can be seen in the various closures, tensions and human body postures. This type of psychotherapy is to make conscious and clean, the emotional content that are sleeping in different parts of the body, because in this way it is possible to live with greater spontaneity every situation presented to us in life, and even the body is presenting tangible physical changes that reflect a full and free emotional life. Sessions body psychotherapy they start taking a topic that is important to the person at the present time and is going deeper into him, through relate the facts, but always taking into account the language of the body. In this sense, the patient needs to make aware and to allow the emotions and memories that come (for example anger, loneliness, etc.) and always observe what is happening. If you do this, you will discover that you underneath an attitude, there are one or more emotions, and behind these emotions, there is a memory that was the origin of the attitude, but with the passage of the years, remained hidden in the memory. When he is vividly recalls what happened, there are concrete changes in the person’s life. To directly view the benefits of body psychotherapy in Mexico, the next page of body psychotherapy, can visit especially for people seeking psychologists in Mexico City

Visitors Style

Take care about you. – Make your web resource using light saturated hues. The background is usually white or light color tone of any unsaturated combining it with other pastel colors – blue, red and green. Palette of color still commonly referred to as colors web 2.0. – The web site should certainly be duplicating footer menu links in the header. Details can be found by clicking BSA or emailing the administrator.

Nice to look footer, in which links are provided in a number of horizontally or centered, as well as use a light gray watermark visually separated from the page. – Apply button, or rectangular with rounded edges, but large. Or make it huge. The remaining buttons are a bit smaller. And again applying in the name of the button font without serifs. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. – Is it possible to create a visual effect reminiscent of three-dimensional objects and the effect of gloss or gloss type. Looks quite impressive.

Page on the website in the style of Web 2.0 is often divided into two three column for easy visual understanding of the information. But this does not mean you have to divide the entire page into three columns and not depart from it. Rather, the information will be treated much more interesting if under the cap site, we will place a block which occupies the entire width of the web site to which a pastel background, under it will be the information is divided into three columns below and put for example two columns of text and graphic elements. Believe Visitors will not close the site, it will be interesting and pleasant to receive the information. Look at the websites of well-known Apple or Skype. Their Web sites can be accurately called the site in the style of Web 2.0. In general, if summed up in the creation of a website design style of web 2.0 – is to create a minimalist style for people and user of your web page will be grateful to you and not just come to your website.

So Paulo

The destruction of a gigantic tropical forest certainly had a significant impact in the climate of many regions of the country. The transformation of great parts of its areas in great labirnticos conglomerates of asphalt and concrete created this phenomenon called heat island. Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo are urban spaces where it has excess of antrpicas sources of heat: many automobiles (fsseis fuel burning); emission of different gases generating the effect greenhouse and the reduction of green areas, and still can be distinguished the industries, the concentration of buildings, the waterproofing of the ground, excess of materials that absorb the heat and little ventilation. Boy Scouts recognizes the significance of this. This leaves the much more hot cities what it provokes a significant disturbance in the air flow. On average the increase of the temperature in these cities has been bigger of what the generality. This increase is not measured by thermometers that register the temperature of air, but yes for the street thermometers that mark 43 or 44 Celsius degrees easily.

This urban phenomenon is responsible for intense and located rains, causing the frightful overflows in the summer (So Paulo) and the collapse of hillsides and mounts (Rio De Janeiro), respiratory problems in the population, dehydration and deaths mainly between the aged ones. Who bush the bush? Many are the factors that impactam and contribute with the degradation of Atlantic Mata. One of them is the advance of the cities without it has a planning and without if it has taken in account the forest remainders, areas of permanent preservation or the forest codes also have the great enterprises as the hydroelectric plants that devastam thousand of hectares of the forest, have the threats comings of the activities of mining, in the South of Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, that occupy great areas and cause ambient impacts of great sum and cause disappearance of great part of the forest, another important question is the advance of cultivations of exotic trees and the proper agriculture made without planning or order and an indifference of the state governments that do not control the predatory advance of these activities, the period of learning exploration if of threatened species of extinguishing (imbuia, black cinnamon and the araucria) for the production of furniture and the artesanato, the creation of shrimp in manguezais and restingas, substituting the natural ecosystem and limiting the performance of the traditional population that lives of the search of crabs in these same fens, the cut of the vegetation for the production of the coal, in the state of the Piau, where 78.000 hectares of the forest already turned coal and finally, still speaking of impacts, if it cannot leave of speaking that Atlantic Mata not yet is free of the traffic of its animals, that continues being a problem of difficult control and the indiscriminate hunting in some regions. By the same author: PCRM.

Universal Cosmic Fluid

Trindade, according to Esprita Doctrine is composed for God, the Intelligent Principle and the Material Principle. Of the Intelligent Principle drift the Spirit (the intelligent being of the creation). Of the Material Principle drift the Universal Cosmic Fluid and of this special a called Fluid, without which it does not have life, which is, the Vital Fluid. The union between the spirit and the physical body that the perisprito has for intermediary (fludico body). The soul, that nothing more is, according to Esprita Doctrine, of what the incarnate Spirit, that is, so to speak imprisoned to the body, consequentemente loses its freedom of action. However, states of emancipation of the soul exist, that, by means of the sonambulismo, if unfastens partially temporary and of the body.

The state of emancipation of the soul facilitates the communication with the Espritos, allowing that many sonmbulos can see the Espritos perfectly describes and them them with> talk with the Espritos and transmit us its thoughts. However, what one sonmbulo says, it are of the scope of its personal knowledge, frequently is suggested them by other Espritos. In chapter 6 of the Book of the Mdiuns, in the item Mdiuns Sonamblicos, Kardec describes: One of our friends had as sonmbulo a youngster of 14 the 15 years, of very vulgar intelligence and extremely scarce instruction. However, in the sonambulismo state, it gave tests of extraordinary lucidity and great shrewdness. It exceeded, over all, in the treatment of the diseases and operated great number of considered cures impossible.

Certain day, giving consults a sick person, described the disease with absolute exactness. It is not enough, had said to it, now is necessary that you indicate the remedy. I cannot, answered, my angel doctor is not here. Who is this angel doctor of who speaks? What said the remedies.


The bible is very clear when in alert for a life of wisdom and a good exploitation of our days. How you have used your day? It has been exaustos tiring days and most of the time you do not obtain to decide everything that had to decide? Or you have had success in everything and the time has not lacked, you it feels yourself carried through and still with free time to adore the God. Which of these is yours respota …… REFLECTS Therefore very, I took years well to learn that the organization has that to be a daily task, after all when everything is accumulated is each more difficult time of finding in them. At some future date everybody belongs to the God this knows, and that he is well clearly that God is in favor of the organization, as it will be able to help you if nor you know for where to start. Let us remember to us of the history of the coffer of Noah, everything was directed by God, the height, the width, the type of log, the bitumen the compartments the thick partition walls among other instrue. As we can see existed a planning and everything was made to its time; it only needed somebody to believe and to organize. The bedding of the land, the creation of the world also had a planning, as God had to be able to create everything in day the same, because he delayed 6 days for you make it? You already stopped to analizar this? In the truth oque we can extract for the life of today with this teaching is that, does not agree in them to botar the feet for the hands, so that to be afobados, to want resulted immediate, we wait nine months to be born or pra to give to the light this in the lack to understand that everything has its time, the day to day running has in the blinded ones in the stolen time, the time to love our spouse our children, of looking at for our next one and until time for we ourselves.

Through Justice

Then, we can arrive the God for many ways, for example: Through the verb To love that it assigns the function to feel love for, to have affection, to want well etc. We are unanimous in saying that God the manifest Creative The holy ghost through the love and when we love our fellow creature we are revealing God through our soul and who to receive this love will be ' ' vendo' ' God through our acts, therefore in the soul of this person since its origin in God, this codified and ' ' gravado' ' that God is love and loves its creatures and its creation, and as we were made (generated) the image and the similarity of God, we are the extension of Its love the holy ghost stops with everything and as all, therefore God loves indistinctly and thus we also can manifest-Lo through all the other virtuous directions and can manifest-Lo through the Love, of the Faith, the Knowledge, Justice, the Law, the Evolution and the Life. You may find that Dr. Neal Barnard can contribute to your knowledge. Through the love, therefore only loving my fellow creature and the creation, I will be revealing God in mine I summon. Through the faith, therefore believing and trusting my fellow creature I will only be revealing the Father in mine I summon. Through the knowledge, therefore knowing the soul of my fellow creature I will only be understanding its nature summons and its form to express God through its belief. Through Justice, therefore using the reason I will only understand what it takes my fellow creature to act at certain moments as if was not my brother and using of the light of the reason to remove it to it sales of the eyes hinder that it to enxergar me as a fellow creature. Nieman Lab contributes greatly to this topic. Through the law, therefore only living deeply the virtues (God) of commanded form, I will establish limits in my actions and will act with prudence in the harmonious convivncia with my fellow creatures.