Month: April 2020

Board Enthusiasts

Few words, but a lot of things. I type the command enthusiasts and altruists. Probably every programmer or designer in their daily work wonders – that would not be bad to work in a team of professionals. But not everyone people can realize this vision. So what's the problem, let's assemble a team! On the Internet and in the world can read a lot of evidence that a group of volunteers and people living with the interests of achieved more than some sort of a commercial organization.

So who wants to join our ranks? Invite. Also, the service vkontakte created a group with the same name – A group of enthusiasts! Do not write those who are not interested or someone who will not join the team. And another important point: Before joining the group – Rethink your decision and then as the practice of the past week, write to me are people who do not even know what ENTHUSIAST. And do not expect that everything is ready! Everyone who joins the group, it automatically generates a skeleton, but he still needs to make their ideas and thoughts, and not just because many are asking questions – you are coming from … I repeat once again – Think! And only then write … Also, before entry into the group must write a small summary about yourself. Pattern is: 1. Name 2.

Place of residence 3. Interests 4. Age 5. Views on the project – a team of enthusiasts 6. Projects (if any) 7. Knowledge (Area) 8. Examples of projects that do not work forbidden if you add something to his resume this. Details in the process of communication. PS On a site a clever … deducted an article about what should be the first project or team. So, how many people I've written, and all "Power Board" as they call themselves the first question – what shall we do and HOW I get paid … enthusiasts, damn … Read at your leisure, plus will not!


No property or automobile or money in banking account will be able to prencher the absence human being of which we cannot escape provoked for the death of our dear beings; no product can substitute the presence friend at the moment of the illness, the hand that enchuga our tear, the arms that in the abrao at the moment of dor' '. Gavin Baker shines more light on the discussion. Of the introduction living well is very far from the alienator consumerism promoted by the capitalism, is a world of simulacros and illusions, the capitalism desumaniza the pessoasis necessities to carry through its turns of production that make possible the accumulation of the more-value; it generates new necessities and desires and becoming them mentally ill satisfactions to accumulate each time more capital with the sales of the merchandises that can satisfy them. The solidary contribution is an ethical attitude that guides our life in a position politics front what we are living. The Not-State Public a significant parcel of the humanity mobilizes in solidarity movement, collaborating with the population victim of the hunger, the unemployment, droughts or imundaes between muiots others. Others as many projects directed in the generation of renads, in the area of social assistance, popular education popular construction of housings of ambient preservation, among others are financed with resources collected for volunteers who all apiam an ample gamma of activity of Not-Governmental Organization and social movements of the world. Through this roll of services it is the voluntary work of millions of people, of which financial resources disponibilizam to defray projects as form to improve the quality of life solidariamete, carried through for the solidary actors unchaining the ONGS. It stops some visa this work as third setir, lucrative sector without ends and not state public sector. The growth of this sphere in which if it confers a solidary character the economic activities, implemented cultural politics and, does not mean that these organizations do not pressure the State with sights the guarantee public politics come back to the attendance of the social interests.

Wind Power Market

Alternative energy has recently demonstrated the rapid development worldwide. Boy Scouts of America shines more light on the discussion. This is due to rising oil prices, the current problems of energy security concerns and a growing number of people challenge climate change. Wind power in recent years was the most financially-intensive alternative energy industry in the world. In this sector the energy produced by wind turbines – machines that convert wind energy into mechanical energy of a rotating propeller, and then into electrical energy. Are currently used in two basic designs of wind turbines: horizontal axis and vertical-axis wind turbines. Both types of wind turbines have roughly equal efficiency, but the most widely used wind generators of the first type. Power turbine can be hundreds of watts to several megawatts.

The principle of wind power can vary: some installation work in parallel with the network, others – are autonomous in the absence of a wired network. Among the isolated autonomous individual stations, which operate to supply one household. Group windmills connected network forms a wind farm. The total amount of installed wind energy in 2008 exceeded the capacity of 115 MW, about 60% of wind turbines installed in Europe. In the wind industry employs today 350 000 people worldwide.

The rapid development of wind energy in the world contributes to public policy in many countries. In Russia, for alternative energy accounts for only about 1% of power capacity, despite the fact that our country has a huge renewable energy potential. Poor development of the industry due to the complex of external factors – economic, technical, legal, psychological, and organizational information.

Rapid Participation

In recent years, a noticeable revival of interest in the mobile exhibition stands and Brochure among small businesses. This can be called the trend, and this trend – it's absolute proof that programs to support small businesses actually work. Currently, there are several federal and regional programs of development of small businesses that offer small business preferences, or even free participation in exhibitions, forums and other events of all sizes. And, as our experience with clients, these programs work. More and more customers come to us precisely because they were already invited to a free or discounted events. Typically, time to prepare for participation in such events is always nedostatochno.Vot typical comments on the requirements of our exhibition equipment Customer: "We already feel like a serious company and would like to make our exposition worthy of us imagined.

Available in our set of "quick response" does not suit us, "" We – the producers, and we often invite free to participate in various regional events. We use banners – not comfortable, we need a good mobile booth and convenient Brochure, which you can place our brochures in different formats; "We already have a mobile stands, but they do not always fit the small space that we allocate at the events." Indeed, many small and medium enterprises – active members of various government programs. They all point out that the proposed area – are very different. Usually takes part in exhibitions expects the area of 9 m2, but it is sometimes possible to get only 2 m2. What to do in this case? Of course, 2 m2 – a very small area, but really it is these areas may be proposed, for example, at conferences, when the exhibition hall is the lobby or conference room. Therefore, we believe that every company must have its express a set of "immediate response" in the case of a money-losing proposition. Express kit should include a mobile stand and Brochure. It is best suited for emergency exit, such models of mobile exhibition stands, as RollUp or Y-banner.

These stands are distinguished lightweight and quick assembly. Especially in this sense is convenient mobile stand Roll Up, which sets the image takes a few seconds, because banner just pulled out of the ground. Traditionally, we offer a very wide range of Brochure. Choosing Brochure primarily be guided as to what advertising brochures and leaflets are you going to distribute. If your showcase different format, then choose the model perfobukletnits, which are represented in the cc Riword in different sizes and types. If the most important criterion for you is the ease of assembly and transport, a better purchase folding Brochure in chemodandchike or sliding Brochure in the bag-backpack. Well, of course, we provide design services graphic panels, leaflets, and services for large format printing. Express Kit participation in outreach activities needed for each firm. Book printing graphic panels and mobile exhibition stands in advance, and you'll always be ready for great deals on participation in promotional events.

Price Collection Coins

Collecting coins is a very exciting activity, which requires not so much enthusiasm, how much real money. There is probably a period of numismatics, which would not contain rare or rare coins. A collection is considered complete if it contains all the necessary instances, even despite the fact that some can cost a fortune. Center For Responsible Lending is likely to agree. In principle, this is the main goal – to assemble a collection of the latest coins. In general, each numismatist chooses the principle on which he intends to collect coins, for example, only gold coins or modern pogodovku. Get more background information with materials from Center For Responsible Lending.

The decisive factor, as a rule, are the financial opportunities the collector, and the availability of channels through which you can buy coins. ment Partners has said that publicly. For the cost of the coins needed to add some more costs. For example, not less expensive items are required for each are different objects numismatist for storing coins, for example, an album for the coins, various boxes, holders, etc. Also here is attributed guides for coins, numismatic literature, encyclopedias, and software for organizing collections, etc. Still leaves a tidy sum. Often the price is almost equal to the value of a collection of related items. Of course, not all coin collectors can afford to buy expensive accessories, they are better for the money will add a collection of material. Only when the cost of collection to reach a good amount, and how you can save coins to think. For the sake of example, such small numbers all the anniversary of the USSR rubles today can be bought for 4,000 rubles, pogodovku Soviet Coins reform in 1961 for 100,000 rubles coins in 1958 at least 50,000 rubles each, some coins in 2001 to 20,000 rubles each. You see, what interesting times prices do occur. Perhaps this is why coin collectors tend not to disclose all of its collection and store it in the bank.