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In terms of the opinion, he more than anyone knows how fickle is the view! And how manageable! 4 Which character has his candidacy (of him): partisan, partisan, emerging political project, beyond the traditional political machinery? It would be Liberal and he has already proven that it can give surprises over the traditional political machinery. His project, definitely wouldn’t pop-up but quite the opposite, which is the same sheath! 5. What account (him) with support for the campaign teams and eventually to play the position, or they would be emerging needs? That’s one question pendeja for seats because he knows that people joins that go winning. And if you talk about people for the Cabinet, he is a specialist in change, put, disrupt and reassemble cabinets shortly before announcing them. 6. What defeat would mean a severe personal setback (for him)? The man is retired, all the We know.

7. What family members (of him) is also appearing as candidates? Ah! Yes and more! Do and that what? Best, isn’t it? 8. For all those who claim to support it (to) decisively in private, how many are willing to publicly ratify it at the right time? Already answered in point 5 and anyway, very soon we will know. 9. What is your position in (the) respect of the peace process? He has been a democratic and peace-loving every Democrat. He has been threatened and all threatened of death also loves peace. 10 – If you succeed, do with who would govern (him): with its electoral allies or their opponents with everyone? As stated in the same places, I don’t know with who would rule, but I do know with those who would not rule! Finally, as we know that places thought it only can urge you: say it! Say it! We said that you advances in the fields of transport, communications, computing and the education in the next millennium, will be so formidable that the vast majority of them not even we can today imagine them.


It talked in tone of critical, with a colleague, on the bitter taste of the coffee that served in the pantry. Still age of morning, when, suddenly, I heard an explosion. See acaho for more details and insights. This! It had an explosion! was working, then here! I also remember, as before, somebody to cry out something that I did not understand well, something on the approach of an aircraft. My sight is if accustoming I glimpse a tenuous and trembling yellow light to far. Now I can perceive that, to mine return, has destroos. It seems that the building fell down! Already it must have rescue teams working.

It will be that to find they go me? I feel I smell of burnt. The moans had diminished, and the apelos had ceased. Agreement scared with a great boom! My God! Not! I open the eyes I feel I smell dust fort! It is difficult to breathe or to open the eyes. The available space in the place where I am seems to have still more diminishing. I come back to be gasping. They had recommenced the shouts and the moans for all part I find that I go to go crazy! The moans had diminished, the dust and pain in the body also. Now I can see the source of the yellow light, are flames! It is being hot.

If it will have that to die, that I die soon, before the fire me reach. I hear something! Above of me it seems that the ceiling goes to ruir! Rocks fall on me! WHY I was to ask for to die? I am waked up with a strong light in the face. It seems that to blind it goes me! Somebody question if I am well. He will be an angel? Pain is as much that I do not obtain to answer. I try to understand what it is happening. I perceive that I am being removed of the destroos for volunteers and rank in a stretcher, when one of them looks at me in eyes and, as it was found that I asked for some reply says, me: ' ' Bombardeio&#039 was one; '. It was then that I felt the reconfortante sun of Bagd in my face. How Section is praised!

SSRIs Risk

If within one month of these manifestations are not, worse, prevent you to work and lead a normal life – must necessarily refer to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Do I always have PTSD manifests itself after an injury right away? Symptoms of PTSD may occur after weeks, months, years. Some veterans PTSD occurred in the period retirement, 50 years after the war. Because of the Depression they could not even close to talk about the events of those days, when they returned from the front. Later and completing Godea commitment – to raise children, having retired, they began to emerge or trauma and emotional support. It is very important to work with thoughts, feelings related to trauma. DPDG therapy (EMDR) – 'Desensitization and reprocessing eye movement' today is considered first-line therapy for PTSD. Same psychotherapy.

In connection with the emotional aloofness and giperbditelnostyu in people with PTSD have problems in communicating with their loved ones. Other family members can be difficult to communicate with a person with PTSD – there may be a protest anger, fear and alienation, and other difficulties. Sometimes, sleep disorders and alcohol abuse can occur in family members. When working with children is especially important family therapy is also useful to help attract educators, teachers and social workers. Perhaps the use of medications to improve the quality of life of the patient at the time of passage of psychotherapy and treatment of related disorders such as depression, panic disorder, and others are primarily used antidepressants SSRIs. For even more analysis, hear from Boy Scouts of America. There is evidence of the effectiveness of antipsychotics for PTSD. Admission to hospital is necessary only at risk of suicide, murder, and the presence of severe comorbid psychiatric disorders – depression, substance abuse. That is to say about the unpleasant events that caused the injury? Yes, and not just once or twice.

Knowledge – the best way to coping with PTSD, so the consultants – psychologists and psychotherapists – are helping people to talk about the injury to cope with all the feelings and thoughts in the early stages and to cope with PTSD in the future. Attempt 'not to think about This' may cause or exacerbate PTSD. What is the prognosis of PTSD? It is difficult to determine the prognosis of PTSD, as conditions vary greatly in appearance and development of the disorder. Some people nepoluchaya help restore themselves within a year, sometimes in spite of treatment the patient commits suicide. According to studies in patients with PTSD who receive treatment, the average duration of symptoms is two times less than in those patients who do not receive treatment. About a third of patients do not recover from PTSD. Among the factors positively influencing the prognosis noted – the rapid initiation of treatment, early and current social support, prevent re-injury, the absence of injury before, and the absence of other psychiatric disorders or substance abuse. What if the PTSD is not treated? People with PTSD are at increased risk panic disorder, agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, specific phobias, MDD and somatisation disorders. Among people with PTSD at greater risk of alcoholism and drug addiction, most problems in communication and adaptation to work. Can profilaktirovat PTSD? To date, probably not. First, traumatic events are unpredictable and random. Secondly, it is impossible at present to predict which of Participants will develop the tragic events of PTSD, and who – no. The risk of PTSD among those directly traumatized. But at risk and rescuers and volunteers, psychologists working with affected, to a lesser extent vulnerable – firefighters, police, doctors and nurses. Lyubimova N., MD

Tapajs Law

In 1812, the explorer Miguel Joo of I castrate it went up the river Tapajs until the Mato Grosso and registered in its report of trip that Itaituba was a center of exploration and commerce of spices of the High Tapajs. In the year of 1835, the lieutenant Colonel Joaquin Caetano Corra, commanded a detachment of volunteers so that they installed in a stretch of the left edge of the river Tapajs establishing the town, today known as Legal Brasilia, that already functioned as rank of resistance against the decurrent taxes of the Cabanagem. In 1836, the lieutenant-colonel and topographer, Joaquin Caetano Corra ordered a small detachment for Itaituba, whose objective it was the enterprise of agricultural works, using the force of aboriginal work. Joaquin Caetano Corra idealized the first streets, created a judicial district, made of Itaituba the first commune of the period of the monarchy and retook the original name of Itaituba in homage to the tribe mundurucu and today is considered, officially, the founder of Itaituba. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is open to suggestions. Up to 1853, Itaituba was under the jurisdiction of Pinhel. From this year, it was under the jurisdiction of Boim. In 16 of October of 1854, Legal Brasilia was raised to the category of Village, for the Law n 266, in this period its territory was extended until the August Jump, ending of lands of the Par Grain, that the provincial Legislation consecrated the judiciary and police divisions. However, however, Legal Brasilia did not reach the waited development and lost the status of Village two years later.

In 15 of December of 1856, by the Law n 290, the headquarters of the village was transferred to Itaituba. The installation of the headquarters occurred in day 03 of November of 1857. On this day the headquarters of the city of Itaituba were created. However, after some impasses, Itaituba receive the heading from city, for force of the Law n 684, of 23 of March of 1900, fact only materialize in 15 of December of 1901.


After allegorical ” inauguracin” of the dam on the part of two actors personifying to Daniel Fernandez, executive vice-president of HidroAysn, and to Alberto Quiones, general manager of Austral Energy, occurred we go to which all were hoping: destruction of the strong wall, task that lasted near one hour product of the frosts of the last days that turned the docile snow structure into a hard ice bulk. ” It was very good for seeing the rage of people, the desire to hurl the dam. There were families, professors, lawyers, were all the headings of the represented community and that is the important thing. Fed up young people, fed up desire with being part of the event. There was street theater in which everybody became jumbled. He was buensimo” Rodolfo related Road, one of the creators of the structure. ” The truth is that at the outset my spirit was dead, because did not have desire nor to shout.

But when I listened to the mother earth shout of pain, that image I had left and it made me vibrate. Really that moved to me enough. And I liked that there was citizen participation and that is the people the one who boat this represa” it indicated in the Mauritius occasion Oil mill. When concluding Susana Niccodemi it expressed that ” I was excited much, liked to see the people united by an objective, that is that at heart we want the dams here, neither now nor never. And I am in favor very contented of to have participated in the act, because often they have repressed to me in my work. They say to me that I cannot be pending of these things because work in a public service, but I feel that one when thinks something it must defend it, and the defense that we did nowadays is the defense of the Patagonia and the free rivers. And please they understand that we must nationalize the water, that the people are the one who have decidir”. Once finished to the demolition, the volunteers they cleaned the place to leave the free transit that, during two weeks, was interrupted as a form to express Patagonia without dams!

Social Mobilization

This summary displays the two first chapters of the book ' ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' , (SIMEONE, Mrcio. Communication and Strategies of Social Mobilization. Belo Horizonte: Authentic, 2004.) The first chapter of the workmanship is called ' ' Public relations in Projects of Social Mobilization: Funes and Caractersticas' ' starts emphasizing the reader how much the technological innovations and in the areas of the knowledge, had brought benefits for the humanity. On the other hand to this affirmation, the author explains that these same innovations had also caused a series of social problems and that, accurately, in the attempt to minimize them, the social movements had gained notoriety. From the problems generated for the technological and economic development, he had a wakening in the people for the fight with the social, democratic causes, of human and ambient rights. Official site: tcoyd. Simeone displays the questionings how much to the importance of Communication to make solid the social movements and explains the transformation of the fight for recognition, in fight for visibility. However, the citation of Toro & Werneck (1996) opposes the proportionality idea enters the level of covering of the media and the effectiveness of the propagated information.

Being thus, so that if it guarantees the effectiveness of the communication will have to be directed to the public-target. The planning and the Ethics are components that must always be gifts in all the communication processes, assisting the social movements to reach its objectives. From references the Castellis (1992) and Toro & Werneck (1996), the author sample that the paper of the communication in the social movements is of ' ' invocation of vontades' ' , that it means to insert the people in the fight for the social causes, from the personal identification with the causes, in itself. The volunteers need to feel part of the movement and thus he will only be possible to establish concrete bonds between movements and the people.