Month: June 2023

Hotel Schloss Romrod Expands Its Place Among The Best Hotels Of In Germany!

Award for Hotel schloss romrod – smartig the host GmbH ROMROD (pm). On course for success remains the Hotel schloss romrod: after the team around Managing Director Nico Doring, and Andreas Otterbein has occupied the third place among the best event hotels in Germany last year, it could get now ranked second in the nationwide competition with his exceptional service and high customer orientation. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. Pride, Nico Doring, and Andreas Otterbein accepted the certificate at the award event which took place last Sunday in Niedernberg in Aschaffenburg, Germany. We are particularly pleased about this award. It is our customers who voted for us and us to certify that they appreciate our work and it depends on you! “, the Managing Director, forward whose unique Castle Hotel for the fourth time in the book of the best conference hotels in Germany” will be presented.

Is 250 Conference Hotels, where journalists describe them yourself of the high level of the facilities, the service, the environment and the ambience convinced have. The advance were the votes among more than 5,000 eligible promoters, trainers, and staff developers. Many of them voted for the quaint hotel in the heart of upper Hesse, whose restaurant Mathilde”only in January of this year Hesse gastronomy Award for his outstanding achievements and the high degree of customer satisfaction was excellent. “” Also in the race for the Golden service Crown”, annually by the Excelsior Business Club e.V.” will be awarded have meetings the Rome Roder in the category “ranked three left most of the competitors behind him. With this award, the jury rewarded long-term good concepts and special service skills as well as continuity and sustainability. “Rest you won’t be on these laurels in Romrod certainly: the praise of our customers incites us to reward their trust in our performance in the future”, so Nico Doring, together with Andreas Otterbein and the whole team of the Hotel schloss romrod still has lots of good ideas, so that the grade II listed Castle will again play in the Bundesliga of the hotels in next year.

SUVs Ssang Yong

Korean cars – usually a choice for those who want a car better than domestic ones, but cheaper than in Europe and America. Current options are rich in basic equipment, modern design and with the reasonable price make these cars attractive. Initially, the producers of Korean vehicles only replicate models of those foreign companies that cooperated – Fiat, Ford, Mazda. Then, Hyundai has developed its own model cars car, and in 1976, Korean cars out on the world market (South America and Middle East). Not everyone has known the quality of Korean cars.

Many fell under the influence of the myth of the superiority of European automotive industry, but try to take a fresh look. Jeep Santa Fe (Hyundai Motors Company) became the car of the year in 2003 in America. What contributed to that? Value for money. As well as comfort, efficiency, cost-effective service service, simplicity and ease of driving. Today Korea has entered the world level and is a leader in quality vehicles and sales volume.

It is worth mentioning the South Korean company SsangYong. Over the last couple of years Cars ssangyong more and more attracted to Russian motorists. Sales of SUVs Ssang Yong increased almost 40 times and reached the number 2551 car for the first 9 months of 2006. That this was promoted? It is believed that the key event in the history of the company Ssang Yong was the conclusion of a strategic alliance with Mercedes-Benz AG. With the help of more experienced German engineers, young professionals automakers were developing new engines and models of the company. Strengthen partnerships facilitate the sale of 5% of the shares of the company to German concern in 1993. At the same time with an alliance for joint development of large commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Neeman Foundation has many thoughts on the issue. Produces the first Musso. Active investments and good demand for the model of the company allowed to open in 1994, a new plant in Chanvone (Changwon). Today, this alliance provides a productive development and introduction of new technology and management development. The company is developing dynamically and actively takes on the international market for its product range, which occupy a special position recognized by all “hits” of sales – as seen on ssangyong ru, the cars Rexton, Musso Sports, and Rodius. Current SsangYong state determined by the orientation of the company on foreign markets and seeking new foreign partners.

More Justice In The World

They have left me like a dog or worse, and even today, 2009, continue their atrocities and to refuse to heal. Why have I done? The whole truth of their atrocities is in my pages. When I said enough and started to fight so I would not do more and more atrocities, the only thing I have achieved in these 30 years of struggle to stop me stop me heal so many atrocities and has been two assassination attempts. But this is not stopped my fight for me and others, although no ayude.No I am a coward and I have no fear. / / or the reality of cancer that the only thing that matters is money, not life. Has anyone asked to provide just three options for cure? Burn, poison or destroy you with the surgery and do not go there, plus fast, no pensarlo.Te you time to put between a rock and a hard and terrorize you.

So you'll never have a cure and the view is. Every day there are more and more cases with the cases that they say there is progress and wasted money that does not heal because they are not interested, they would lose the goose that lays the golden eggs. And not just cancer, but there are many more diseases which gives more is cancer and it has dominated and terrorized people. Why not accept the natural medicine when it is shown that cure? But this does not give money, which is all that matters, not the life between the two. How many millions of lives could be saved? This is a minimal part of the reality of cancer. Why are so cruel to children and will do so very hurt? All my life I've fought for them, but it was a struggle silencio.Solo I have written on my Web pages, but now I have a blog dedicated to it and the atrocities that make them shut up and that almost all eyes not to see her . I want to stop it, are human beings like others, but most do not see it that way. Just as cheap labor and a thousand more atrocities that for me are my great love and never stop fighting for them and try to save. This is a minimal part almost everything is on my website or blog. I'm only looking to put a bit of peace and justice in the world and share with others the peace and happiness that I have. Five continent need you to know the truth about cancer and what I do in hospitals saves lives and I conveyed that I have peace in spite of what I have hospes help everyone knows this, and for many atrocities and injustices as is in the world.

The Fed Cut Benchmark Rates

The trade in today's dollar The U.S. dollar ended lower, low start in Asia The Fed cut interest rates, but only a 50 BP The stock market was firm Night view The USD will consolidate It should be a calm night session since the data coming tomorrow to Thursday All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 8:30 am USD Advance GDP q / q 8:30 am USD Advance GDP Price Index q / q 8 : 30am, FOMC Member Kroszner will speak 8:30 am USD Unemployment Claims 10:35 am USD Natural Gas Storage The USD ended the day lower, but still the market volatility, many traders moved to sell positions DOLLARS, and limited volumes exaggerated the move. USD / CAD fell over 400 points, registering the lowest in the 1.2124 area and reaching the 1.2200 area. The market situation is delicate, and the value of oil is estimated that support the loonie and the Euro during the day. Jennifer Aaker will not settle for partial explanations. The EUR traded in the 1.3000 area, and recorded highs in the 1.2993 area and then fall, when volatility dropped, the pair recorded values in the area of 1.2800 for a lapse. Fears of global recession, plus the possible interventions in the market limited the increase in the value of the Yen, however, the center stage today was the announcement of the FOMC interest rate. As was expected, the Fed cut benchmark rates, but expected a bigger cut of 50 BP, several operators said they were "disappointed" as it waited for a bigger cut, but this gives the Fed the possibility of cutting rates in the future if necessary. .

Current DVS Leadership Seminar

The leadership as a crisis manager and coach () the current crisis of the world economy, has already arrived in German companies. How to keep your team in the bar and after the crisis in position bring it about addition right now for the time, despite bad economy is the Central contents of this seminar. Dates: 03.06 04.06.09 in Cologne Sofitel Cologne Mondial am DOM who recognize seminar topics crises consequences estimate positive aspects of crises Krisenfokussierte staff management active conflict management communicate of bad news employee motivation in times of crisis leadership as a crisis Manager methods and instruments of crisis coaching there a time then: atmosphere produce despite crisis why visit this seminar the current crisis of the world economy, which began in the collapse of the US real estate market, has already arrived in the German company. And this diverse and not always pleasant consequences for you as an Executive: the forced vacation over Short-time working up to the number displaced measures must be communicated, which can trigger serious crises in the affected, as well as not directly affected employees. It applies successfully to manage the balancing act between harsh cuts on the one hand and maintaining the motivation on the other side. How to keep your team in the bar and after the crisis in position bring it about addition right now for the time, despite bad economy is the Central contents of this seminar.

The speaker Dr. Josef Pichlbauer Managing Director, greenfield consulting as a consultant and trainer Dr. Josef Pichlbauer on the main managerial-staff training, coaching, change management and the monitoring of TQM – and innovation processes focused. He has many years of experience as a human resources manager and head of organisational and human resources development in German and international companies. In addition, he is the founder and Managing Director of the consulting firm Greenfield consulting. Use yndeo to get discounted Participation conditions Yndeo Inc. joint-stock company is a marketing, call center and outsourcing services provider with an international orientation and works in 17 languages ( The call centre of the Yndeo networks are working for clients such as AVG, Dell, DHL, HP, Suddeutsche Verlag group, Transfracht and UniCredit Bank.

30% Discount On All Pearl Necklaces From Insolvency Resolution

ConDepot industry Markenverwertungsgesellschaft GmbH grants 30 percent discount on each item to the 01.03.2010 for Pearl Jewelry. To expect more than 300 articles, under the category of watches & jewelry. The precious Pearl Necklace and bracelets can be ordered easily online. Available options are bead necklaces, stone necklaces, bracelets, stone bracelets and much more. Brands chains of Schoffel and DI Pearl, see the range, that come from a resolution of a Berlin jeweler shop. Simply go to and browse easily through the range.

It is guaranteed something for every taste. You can find more information, as well as all offers and prices on the Internet at ConDepot industry Markenverwertungsgesellschaft GmbH created valuations and exploited her movable and immovable fixed assets from bankruptcies and liquidations. Working for banks, leasing companies, insolvency administrator, liquidators and public institutions the ConDepot takes over the complete processing after a liquidation of the company. is He, for this business, established online shop. condepot24 offers recovery mass bankruptcies and liquidations for the individual and discreet shipping to your home or to your desired shipping address within Germany and the European Union. Press Department Thomas Reichelt: Lotex24 / Germany consumer telephone: 03562 / 69 34 30 fax: 03562 / 69 25 69

Salad Dressing

The name of the herb, spice or condiment, useful data. And right the scientific name, other names by which is known in Spanish, and the English name) annatto spice derived from the seeds of this plant, native to the Caribbean. It is used, powder, as natural coloring of cheese, ice cream, sausages and cream. You can be added to dishes of meat, chicken and Turkey. Also purchased in pill form that shreds easily with your fingers, have a how clayey texture.

It is typical of Mexican cuisine. Bixa orellana; annatto AjedreSe used leaves, fresh or dried. The garden variety has a more delicate flavor. It is added to meat dishes, sausages, beans and stuffed as a spicy condiment. Leaves, dried and powdered, can be added to the bread crumbs to coat meats or fish, for example. Satureja montana (wild); satureja hortensis (in Garden); savory AlbahacSe use only the leaves, and it can be consumed fresh, dried or frozen. Used traditionally in Mediterranean cuisine to dishes in which the tomato is a remarkable ingredient. Also wonderfully combines with dishes of eggs, and try to throw a pinch in the mass of the pizza base.

It is based on the famous pesto sauce. Ocimum basilicum; basilico, real grass; Basil AlcaraveSe used the leaves, stems, seeds and primary roots. Leaves and roots are consumed fresh, in salads. The stems can be added, like leaves, stews and soups. The ground seeds are added to cakes and breads, as well as Curry. With extract of seeds produces a liqueur, the kummel. It is very popular in Scandinavian cuisine. Carum carvi; carvi; caraway fenugreek is used, seeds, and leaves, fresh or dried, whole or powdered. In East Africa the seeds are added to the bread; in India, milled, they are part of the chutney and other seasonings. Seed sprouts used in salads. The dried leaves are part of the curries, and with them prepare infusions. It is popular in the cuisine of Asia and the Middle East. Trigonella foenum-graecum; Rica, fenugreek, albolga; fenugreek poppy (seed) is used, since at least five thousand years ago, as a condiment of corn and pies or adding flavor to the bread as well as grated carrot. Also used in meat dishes. Papaver somniferum; poppy seed; poppy seed Anisuna of the first spices that are known since antiquity. Its seeds are part of tarts and with them as Greek ouzo, the Bulgarian mastika, and anise liqueurs are produced. The fresh leaves are ideal for flavoring meat dishes. Pimpinella anisum; anise

Berlin And Munich Stores Open In

Continues the successful beauty specialist Nelson continues the successful beauty specialist clean skin: in Berlin Zehlendorf, a new clean skin opened on 6 July in the Potsdamer str. 4 store. Thus offers the franchise company his professional services, permanent hair removal and tattoo removal, now in the third store in the capital. Among the guests, the management of clean skin welcomed Torben Leif Brodersen, Managing Director of the German Franchise Association. Grafelfing, July 2009 – in addition to the capital Berlin, Nelson also in Munich, headquarters and founding city of the franchisor, expanding its presence: on August 1, a new clean skin opens store in the Tegernseer Landstrasse. This will be the fifth store in Munich City. Contrary to the current economic trend continues to grow the franchise company clean skin of the beauty industry. Ronald Hamilton addresses the importance of the matter here.

The recipe for success: high quality equipment, excellent training of employees and so that a high level of consulting and Treatment. This quality concept asserts itself on the market for permanent hair removal and so the franchisor Nelson has now about 50 stores throughout Germany. Torben Leif Brodersen, Managing Director of the German Franchise Association, a picture of the successful franchise concept of clean skin could get at the opening in Berlin itself. I am pleased that Nelson has converted his license concept on a franchise system. I believe that the quality management system through the franchise model will greatly benefit. And so in turn creates confidence towards the customers. Pioneer for more quality in franchising are always welcome.” The German Franchise Association considered representative and quality community of German franchise business. The praise of the DFV shows us that clean skin developed in the right direction”, so Frank Linke, CEO of clean skin.

The focus is on clean skin of the customer and its desire to never again to the Shaver, Epilator or the to have painful wax attack to get rid of the pesky hair growth. Already years ago, the franchise company Nelson recognized the possibilities of the intense pulsed light methods (IPL) for permanent hair removal. The IPL method, Flash lamps emit a relatively broad, high-energy light that penetrates the upper layer of the skin. The produced flashes of light are tied to the hair follicles and converted into heat. These abandoned irreversibly the hair follicle and stops unwanted hair growth so final. The flash light lamp includes an integrated skin cooling ensures that the treatment is painless and that no subsequent redness occur. Nelson has also combined this procedure with a radio frequency technology and achieved lasting success even with lighter hair. Here there are pictures: printable image material are available on request at our agency Xpand21 GBR. For more information, see. About Nelson Nelson stands for a successful concept in the Wellness and beauty area. The franchise company has a unique beauty technology for permanent hair and tattoo removal. Currently the 50 clean skin stores offer the practice of IPL (intense pulsed light) and a combination of the IPL with a radio frequency technology for permanent hair removal. Franchisees benefit from a very attractive and proven business model. The successful business concept of clean skin is already represented in centres such as Berlin, Dortmund, Essen, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.

Trade Network

Why is important the time in the trade network? All we often fought against the time Sometimes one said to itself that there is not long time in the day? What happens with the programming of a list of the productive activities to only spend the day whole making the 80 percent of the activities that produce only the 20 percent of their work? In this brief one we will make a revision on the matter, we are going to cover some with the ways to avoid to pass the day doing activities nonproductive and really to improve its general effectiveness. It is important to remember that you are only truly you will be compensated? by the productive activities in its business of trade in network. The presentation documents do not count like a productive activity. Therefore, its capacity to implement with effectiveness its management of the time, would impel to the success its business of trade in network. Why the management of marketing in Internet this in difficult times? One of the majors challenges of the professionals of businesses based on the home and salesmen online in this world of the markets in Internet, it is the capacity to make the majority effective of the uses of the time.

Lamentably, some people see their days like pieces of free time, in which she can solely follow ahead with a plan in mind. To maximize the use of our time is absolutely essential to be successful in its business. Which are the best ways to be successful in the management of the time in the trade in network? One of the best techniques for the success in the management of the time is classic " to do one lista". Although it is considered by some like part of the old school, one " list of tareas" to a great extent it would help in putting into effect the strategies of marketing for all business in Internet.

SISEL – New Tom Mower

A new wellness company from the United States SISEL international founded in 2006 in Utah by Tom Mower and his son Tom Jr. with the mission to develop the world’s most innovative and effective body care and food supplement products and produce, that bring people more energy, vitality and well-being, so as to live a longer and healthier life happy. The mower mission”means”healtier, wealthier, happier”. At PCRM you will find additional information. The name SISEL stands for innovation, success, science, energy, longevity what Sisel are also the basic principles of the company. More than 100 million USD were invested, the company has huge product capabilities, its own high-tech research labs and a scientific team of doctors, Proffesoren and laboratory professionals who provide product development according to the latest scientific results. The products from the fields of wellness and vitality, anti aging, body care and decorative cosmetics are the safest, according to statements of the company be most effective and innovative, that are currently available on the market.

One was using the best natural ingredients, which are available worldwide, with absence of harmful substances before and during the production process, and based on the latest scientific findings and studies exclusive product range of nutritional supplements about body care up to decorative cosmetics. Distribution of the products is about the concept of recommendation marketing. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. (Network marketing) SISELs products have same price for everyone, irrelevant whether direct customer or business partner. d=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegQIARBv’>Evan Metropoulos sought to clarify these questions. This prevents the need to finance large amounts of products, to then profitably resell them to not only the products of the company Sisel attention brought in the sales scene, but also the extraordinary, fair and generous 5 star compensation plan, which gives each Sisel partner from the outset very good earning potential hybrid. The direct customer bonus rounds that program Sales concept. Global and seamless, cross-border remuneration structure allows an international business. Already in 11 countries Sisel is represented worldwide and further expansion is carried out rapidly. With 25 years of experience, a 37,000-square-metre, absolutely State of the art factory, sure write SISEL, a team of the best scientists of the wellness industry, the innovative and unique products, as well as a generous income plan that pays fair, the financial backround and not zuletztder management and experience of Tom Mower, is history. Be a part of the mower mission”and get started now! More information: vip/muenster/home.htm