Anorexia In Dogs

In another article in this blog talk about the risks posed to the health of our pets overfeeding of dogs. And while this is a serious problem in dogs, on this occasion speaks of a condition that is totally opposite to the previous and this problem is La Anorexia in dogs. Among breeds of dogs lack of appetite is very rare since by nature dogs are characterized by being very good appetite, therefore we must be very attentive if it is that our dog loses appetite suddenly, since if you have Anorexia probably we are faced with a problem of the Centre that activates appetite in the brainlikely caused by a bump on the head or you can also submit this in old dogs, another cause of anorexia in dogs, can be of physical origin, as also caused by excessive stress or bowel obstruction. It is important to mention that the problems of anorexia in dogs have no psychological implications, and as I mentioned already above anorexia is caused by physical disorders and brain. But before going into long explanations about the causes of the problem I think it is more important that dog owners are informed of your dog may lose life due to systemic failures after 7 days with anorexia. Perhaps your dog has no appetite problems and seems strange even think that a dog suffers from Anorexia, but in veterinary practice these cases occur suddenly in normal dogs. If you would like to know if my dog suffers from Anorexia? If after 3 days not a proven mouthful and you see weak and limply if you’ve tried to stimulate with very succulent food and doesn’t eat it if you tried to give food on the snout and does not eat a dog that shows this behavior should be performed urgently vet already that his life is at risk. I want to make it clear that anorexia does not involve diarrheal pictures or vomiting, anorexia refers exclusively to the denial by the dog to eat any type of food for more than 3 days. You must not confuse nor anorexia with lack of appetite that a dog can present after exercise, or when this very excited, also can lower a little appetite in dogs males and females in zeal and females close to childbirth.

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