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Personalized children’s books as a secret recipe against Lesemuffelei Anja Ludwig, founder and Managing Director of my own story publishing, manufactures customized children’s books, in which the title character can be equipped with the personal information of a child according to traditional art of book binding. Name, place of residence, eye color and other people and character traits are built into the stories carefully and individually. Even small features such as blue glasses, freckles and the hairstyle of a child are integrated in the text and the book illustration. A personal dedication as well as your own pictures on the cover and in the book, complete the personal books for children. With my-own-story published the linguist and Germanist Anja Ludwig wants to help, to counteract the Leseverduss among young readers. Teachers and parents acknowledge the benefits of personalized children’s books on the pleasure of reading and reading learning. Especially in small reading rings, personalized books can achieve great success.

The personalization makes it easier the identification with the title Hero, creates tension and increases attention. There is hardly anyone who does not want to know how their own history ends. Against this background, educational books for children, based on their experiences in promoting language developed Anja Ludwig. An age-appropriate sentence structure is basic literary means, combine childlike metaphorical comparisons. Playfully, children are introduced to basic stylistic phenomena and familiar with the creativity of the language. Special focus on rhymed children’s books the Publisher, author, and Illustrator. The particularly memorable according to structure of the rhymes encourages learning and the rhythm of the language. Children are thrilled when they can speak with the texts of books soon correctly.

In addition to the language-enhancing effect, personal books for children have a positive impact on confidence. It’s just proud to find his own story in a book. Faculty Studies have shown that a greater self-confidence improves the ability to learn. As a unique, personalized children’s books are something very special. For this reason, the graphic design of the books in the my-own-story publishing plays an important role. The childishly fanciful illustrations by Anja Ludwig are drawn with watercolor, pastel and colored pencil and enjoy in the children of great enthusiasm. Even after repeated viewing, there is still something to discover. Attention to detail such as an any colored glasses and eye color make a special gift the personal children’s book. Marita Junghans contact: my own story publishers express 58 12439 Berlin

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