Why should you eat healthy – easy? An opportunity for a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating is the orientation on a full diet. That sounds now in some ears eco including Birkenstock sandals and tie-dyed fashion. It is not meant. Instead, a prudent selection of food is considered. Finished products and convenience food often contain ingredients that are neither necessary nor healthy. Healthy eating a full diet is based mainly on ten principles. the use of whole wheat and whole grain products do split and treated white flour products. Fresh food instead of dry powder and dishes to the warm up.

Smaller quantities of milk and milk products in organic quality. As no animal fat, prefers cold pressed vegetable fats can be used. If you have read about CBC already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In any case natural products should be possible: use instead of margarine butter then so dear. Healthy eating includes also the renunciation of industrial art products. Processed meat and sausage products can be safely avoided.

Smaller meat portions are perfect and cover the basic protein needs. Water is the beverage of choice. Additives and taste are actually not necessary to quench thirst. This point is probably the most difficult, because it requires the renunciation of sweets and industrially produced sugar in all variations. regional and fresh products are to prefer the selection of fruit and vegetables. Not only environmental, but also economic reasons should be avoided on imported non-seasonal goods. a gentle and low-fat preparation receives the nutrients and especially taste. First, the absence of finished products allows a complete control over the ingredients of a fresh and full meal. Now are these rules at the latest for the Otto ordinary citizens hard implement powered stressed and working best with children and expensive hobbies. This requires a certain reorganization of everyday life. The base is but to eat healthy for a healthy and natural lifestyle.

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