Central Supply Solution For Liquid Media

The printers are bigger and more modern printing machines have more capacity, a functioning supply chain management is more important. Orbit logistics Europe GmbH, Leverkusen, has now for the LEYKAM printing group with headquarters in Graz tailored an industrial wholesale solution for all liquids. Four locations in Austria and Slovenia will be equipped until May 2008 with the system, the investment sum for it is 250,000 euros. Learn more at this site: BSA. First results from two printers confirm savings excipients and the container handling and higher safety in operation and fire protection. In addition to paper, a large printing company consumes enormous amounts of liquid substances such as paints, silicones, rollers detergent or fountain solution additives. So far, were the liquid container next to the printing machines and provided up to six months depending on the size the required liquids. Filed under: PCRM.

The downside: Many of the materials are fire hazard, residual amounts remain in the containers by up to 10 percent and often enough there are space or handling problems. Grow with increasing capacity of the machine and the costs and difficulties, because a large printing press consumes up to 150 tons of Silicon per year. On behalf of the LEYKAM company orbit of logistics has developed a central solution for a total of five different auxiliary materials. All printing machines are connected via pipelines central to a container with the substance of the assistance, located outside the building. That was important mainly for improved fire protection and a persuasive argument for the LEYKAM AG, which had to replace five high-performance printing presses and rebuild a press Hall in 2006 after a major fire.

“All fire loads from the operation are eliminated by the new system, the reliability of the systems has increased and we save time and costs during emptying and handling of containers”, shows Peter, Keeffe, Operations Manager of LEYKAM, thrilled. At the same time with the central solution for Orbit of logistics equips all four printers with an electronic solution for process monitoring and management of liquids. Reliable information that require a suitable acquisition are starting point”, explains Joachim Klasen, CEO of orbit of logistics, the principle. The controller of the central metering device delivers the data.” For the remote transmission of the measured quantities, different communication technologies are used as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, modem or GSM/GPRS and combined. The access can occur in the data over the Internet, he can be limited but on request also on local and corporate networks. Building on the infrastructure at the location of the measurement, we offer a number of opportunities for targeted treatment and integration of data using a standard software as ASP solution”, so Klasen. These start at the Web presentation to the automated ordering and billing, as well as integration into commercial software systems, such as for example SAP. Orbit LEYKAM logistics offers a package tailor-made for printing issues. All services within the project by the process control technology about the communication and falling on IT – services, database layout, are completely covered. Despite the comprehensive offer no investment costs will the user, because he pays a monthly fee. Thus, the costs are plan – and manageable.

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