When using its doctrine Jesus Teaches the Nicodemos: ' ' Necessary it is to be born of novo' ' , It was yes speaking of the inexistence of Nicodemos in the kingdom of God. Nobody exists before without being born, by the way the existence of the man characterizes if of its birth. It could be different in the kingdom of justice and peace? Not. Without being born of new, it does not have manifestation of life, it does not have register in the book of the life, does not have consequencia some related to the life spiritual with Christ. Remembering in, of the words of Pablo to the romsnos (Rom 8,11) ' ' We are manifest the Deus' ' we see characterized our credential, that is, the existence in the kingdom of God. That one that was not revealed by Jesus, is inexistent in the kingdom of God, not ha conversion register. 2 current state, Converted a New Creation. ' ' As soon as, if somebody is in Christ, new creature is: the old things already had passed; here it is that everything became novo.' ' (2Cor 5,17) the situation how much to the time this detached in the gift, also brings the idea of the daily renewal of the Christian life. Therefore the new converted is a being existing, present alive spiritual and operating in the kingdom of God, It denotes if in the conjugao ' ' ' ' , making possible the qualitative one for the adjective of the verb, and in this in case that it indicates that all the qualities that must exist for the full exercise of the Christian life, they must be pluralizados in an only person, the new converted, this definition originates if from the expression ' ' new creature ' ' All Christian she must live in the condition of ' ' new that if renova' ' The new converted turned the coast for the hell, and walks in direction to the sky.

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