Civil Society

the Right of Nature that makes possible the State of War. ICR brings even more insight to the discussion. All the man possesss or longs for something, and is therefore that the war happens, because other individuals can and desire to this something exactly. It’s believed that Randall Mays, San Antonio TX sees a great future in this idea. The three main causes of the discord, would be the profit, therefore the man aims at its separate property of husband and wife and will make this to the cost of the goods and the life of others; the security, because the man anticipating the defense will attack other men to defend its good, property and life; reputation, situation this where the man wounds and kills to feel itself and to reveal more skillful and better intelligent who the other men, the natural man runs away from the equality condition. Thus, Hobbes tries to justify the necessity of a sovereign absolute State, to contain the effect of the competition, of diffidence and of the search for the glory. But it will be that the man in the nature state does not question the equality? It will be that it does not question to have as much and the same rights that all the other men? The natural man of Hobbes in such a way questions such situation of equality that searchs forms of being or feeling themselves superior to excessively. ' ' All pleasure and joy of the mind consist of finding people who if, in them compare they, they make in them to feel triumphant and with reasons it stops bragging in them; ' ' 13. This search for the superiority leads inevitably to the conflict, and is from fear of the conflict, from fear of the constant unreliability, that the Civil Society will be created. CONCLUSION After a careful reading of the text of Rousseau and Hobbes and its commentators we have to say that both the theories are primorosas, but affirm this to the step we assume that them as pure speculation, as a philosophical exercise. .

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