Contour Glass

Novel design of aspheric atorischen sliding sight glass Stuttgart. The glass manufacturer X-ramvision presents a novel design of aspheric atorischen sliding sight glass that meets highest demands on freeform glass. With the glass shape contour”offers X-ramvision his absolute top glass in the freeform family. The product range includes all indexes from 1,5 up to 1.74, and transitions VI, polarized lenses and DriveWear. This freeform glass sets absolutely new, highest standards. The design adapted to the needs of the carrier directly on the progressive lens brings X-ramvision by the Freeformtechnologie and the software used. By calculating the values of glass to the new position of use, the produced glass (use values) differ from the order values. The binocular vision areas are significantly larger than in classic progressive lenses through this production method.

The result is a three-dimensional appearance – the enlarged areas of reputation – enhanced. The view of history through the glass is used optimally and aberration can be avoided by the optimized design. To achieve this result, measured with the Panorameter from Shamir of the perspective angle (DBW), resulting from version angle (FSW), inclination, and PD. A precise determination of the DBW can be made to the individual value resulting from this unique measuring method. A specially developed by Shamir and tailored to X-ramvision software allows the production of this high-precision contour glass by a complex computer calculation.

The progression channel (Prism compensation point to close to full) with a length of 7, 9, 11 or 14 mm will delight the customer. With the above characteristics that is contour glass top form ideal for customers who appreciate a comfortable progressive lens with very good appearance properties. The low price allows an enthusiastic customer satisfaction”an attractive added value and quality, Managing Director Annette Marx promises. More information:

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