COQOS Software

Infotainment Alliance interest in virtualization Berlin, June 11, 2009 – OpenSynergy as an associate member in the leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in the life called Infotainment Alliance GenIVI called. The company will let his years of automotive experience in the fields of Infotainment, connectivity, and AUTOSAR in the Consortium included. OpenSynergy share will be significantly because, to adapt the development results from open source and standard software faster to the demands of the automotive industry. Through the intelligent coupling of the key technologies of virtualization and AUTOSAR integrates very fast Linux-based open source software in an automotive environment. Members of the Consortium thus benefit from faster to integrate their GenIVI-based application in the vehicle and to introduce in the market. Scalability is one of the important requirements of complex infotainment systems Infotainment platforms using virtualization scalability of Infotainment functions of different product variants across. At the Just when the supplier of Infotainment platforms, development of products the reusability of software components plays a decisive role, to set time-to-market- and to implement the budget for these complex systems.

To achieve these goals, the supplier requires a platform that may be implemented on hardware of different performance classes. Through virtualization, you can reuse existing software components through the use of different guest operating systems running on the virtualization layer. As a migration path from the present state of development stems down to a standard GenIVI system. \”, explains Rolf Morich, COO of OpenSynergy. For example, same software components on application-level can be through the use of COQOS both on a single-core ARM9 chip as well as on an x 86 Intel Atom or a multi-core ARM11 system operate and use it again. Integration of open source Linux applications in the vehicle is a big challenge at GenIVI OpenSynergy in the automotive specific requirements such as the short Startupzeiten of networks and specific applications.

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