The people having poor credit score can secure credit cards for bad credit which are available in three forms: prepaid credit card, secured credit card and unsecured credit card. Some of the borrowers are tagged with bad credit. They have borrowed from several sources and have failed to clear the loan amount in scheduled time. Non-payment of monthly bills for months takes them to such state. They may have anxiety with the apprehension that they will never get credit cards for bad credit. There is no reason to be worried for this as there are provisions for credit cards for bad credit. The people who are with bad credit can avail credit cards. Credit cards for bad credit can be classified in three categories.

Prepaid credit card is of the first child of a credit card. It is clear from its name that one can secure finance which one deposits earlier. This is as good as checking account. Persons having prepaid credit card can again deposit into their account so that they are not to find the nil balance. Prepaid credit card is of great help and it is good for online purchases. It is easy for anybody to obtain approval for prepaid credit card even if his credit score is considerably low. Secured credit card is of the second child. Secured credit card requires collateral which the people arrange by depositing some amount as cash into their savings account which breed interest.

Then they can secure secured credit card. They receive bills at the end of every month which describes the expenditure made within the period. Some provisions of standard credit card are available in secured credit card. Owners of secured credit card are allowed to reserve hotels or hire vehicles. Sometimes, credit report is not checked when secured credit cards are issued. It is, however, regular healthy to clear payment and maintain health of the credit card. There are unsecured credit cards in the third category. Credit record of the persons who apply for obtaining unsecured credit card is considered seriously. The people having poor credit record can get unsecured credit card, but they will get less finance although interest Council in their cases will be comparatively high. However, they are not asked for any upfront payment. One can improve history of credit if repayment is regularly made. Spencer Scott is author of no credit check Credit Cards.For more information about Prepaid credit cards, Visa student credit cards visit

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