Declaration Of Independence: IPM Creates Island Solutions From

With the software IPM of CSP can be in the manufacturing industry quality-relevant process data independently of the respective manufacturers capture and network Grosskollnbach, May 15, 2009. The CSP GmbH & co. KG, Grosskollnbach, sees rising demand for their integrated process data management system of IPM. The reason: The manufacturing industry want to abolish existing island solutions and bundle process data in an integrated solution, manage and evaluate. The goal is to be largely independent of equipment manufacturers and medium to reduce long term costs. With IPM, there are companies able to avoid the heterogeneous software architectures and to link quality-relevant information from different parts of the production chain. Via standard interfaces to devices of from different manufacturers, IPM gathers all required quality data from the respective processes. This manufacturer independence leads to faster and more meaningful evaluations, optimized quality cycles and savings the collection of data as well as the procurement of new equipment.

For the quality planning and quality assurance in production, companies need detailed values of all production facilities and equipment. The instruments applied in the production facilities – about screwdriving technology, filling and insertion devices – but often only work with specific, dependent on the manufacturer of the device software. Often, individual values can not or only manually read from the system and must then be collected in a survey. CSP has observed a strong dependence on specific equipment and system suppliers in many manufacturing companies, which is essentially only in that particular software to process data acquisition. This situation is so to speak historically grown in recent years and a disadvantage in many ways permanently. So, about new devices with the same supplier must be purchased because the software only works with its products.

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