Decoration Made Of Salt Dough For The Garden

Craft tip for dark uncomfortable season – winter surveys in Germany, show that about 800,000 people suffer a winter depression. Seasonal-dependent depression known as SAD. Less daylight / Sun are the reason. The shorter days affect our sleep cycle and State of mind. That is then expressed in bad mood, fatigue, lack of energy, and sadness. Exercise and fresh air are the strongest weapons against the bad mood, go outside during daylight hours as possible! Sometimes, the weather is really not very tempting or you are simply not able to leave the House, then has a tip for you: tinkering with salt dough play dough is so versatile like PuTTY. You can make hand – and footprints for example of the children and then give away, candle holders, Christmas tree ornaments, bowls, all baskets with fruit, figures with magnets back for the fridge, various animals, etc., the possibilities are almost inexhaustible.

For the terrace, there are many examples of decoration: a homemade pot for the pot, small garden ornaments for the pots, a welcome sign only for the garden door, etc. make sure you but making sure that the finished works of art always at least 2 times covered with paint, because they tolerate not necessarily water. Think so when decorating a covered place! Salt dough recipe ingredients (very easy): 2 cups flour 2 cups salt 2 Essl. Wallpaper paste powder half 3/4 cup water preparation: mix all ingredients well and the salt dough in a bowl with lid or under a plastic sheet 30 minutes let it rest. Knead then even strongly times. The wallpaper paste beautifully softens the dough. So they spread too much dirt, you should create the salt dough characters/objects on a baking sheet or baking paper. Baking dry before the salt dough figures of 12-24 hours. They say a half of cm thick must be baked (for example at 1.5 cm the figure 1 hour at 75 degrees Salzteig-Dicke 3 hours).

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