In terms of the opinion, he more than anyone knows how fickle is the view! And how manageable! 4 Which character has his candidacy (of him): partisan, partisan, emerging political project, beyond the traditional political machinery? It would be Liberal and he has already proven that it can give surprises over the traditional political machinery. His project, definitely wouldn’t pop-up but quite the opposite, which is the same sheath! 5. What account (him) with support for the campaign teams and eventually to play the position, or they would be emerging needs? That’s one question pendeja for seats because he knows that people joins that go winning. And if you talk about people for the Cabinet, he is a specialist in change, put, disrupt and reassemble cabinets shortly before announcing them. 6. What defeat would mean a severe personal setback (for him)? The man is retired, all the We know.

7. What family members (of him) is also appearing as candidates? Ah! Yes and more! Do and that what? Best, isn’t it? 8. For all those who claim to support it (to) decisively in private, how many are willing to publicly ratify it at the right time? Already answered in point 5 and anyway, very soon we will know. 9. What is your position in (the) respect of the peace process? He has been a democratic and peace-loving every Democrat. He has been threatened and all threatened of death also loves peace. 10 – If you succeed, do with who would govern (him): with its electoral allies or their opponents with everyone? As stated in the same places, I don’t know with who would rule, but I do know with those who would not rule! Finally, as we know that places thought it only can urge you: say it! Say it! We said that you advances in the fields of transport, communications, computing and the education in the next millennium, will be so formidable that the vast majority of them not even we can today imagine them.

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