You agree to publication of your ads in publications Employment: yes! Password: and create a password. After placing an ad, check to determine if their place. That is, go to the site as if you were looking for work, and select the section where you can place ads. If place an ad can not, then try the operation again carefully. Then no longer necessary. Just the first time you can miss something. Jr is the place to go. But as a rule, the problems with placing ads no one.

I strongly advise use spam because it undermines the credibility of your suggestions. It is important personal touch. All the automation people usually just do not read. Useful information. And now I'll explain why, in any case, you do not lose, and only win! Say, of the 200 accommodations I receive only 5 replies (a very low figure).

Hence, I will do 50 rubles, while at the 7 position in the list. Now these people are doing besides the minimum 200 of my purse at 6 position, and only 5 people answer to the first 5, this is 250 rubles. Further 25 people doing 200 of my purse on 5 line and only 5 answer. My income is 1,250 rubles. Now these 125 persons having placed and received only 5 answer give me 6250 rubles (I'm on the 4-position). More ridiculous: they make at least 625 to 200 accommodations with me at 3 line and only 5 people respond. This is 31,250 rubles. The most interesting thing is that these 3125 people will still 200 of, well, if they answer only 5 people, then I already receive 156,250 rubles (I have 2 positions).

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