Whenever there are problems, the worker may complain of the entrepreneur. He is who takes the money while you spend your working and it is that is making rich with your effort. Between heads malice, conspiracy theories, and societies which try to conquer the world, a much more simple, so simple reason that nobody must sees: the risk. The worker never risks. As long as employment has a legal contract where the company is obliged to pay an amount of money each month and give you the benefits of law. No matter that they are so bad things, the worker always has the right to charge. The entrepreneur is in a different situation: doesn’t win by work, WINS for selling. To keep the company afloat you have to sell your products or services; If not, to see where he gets money to stay in operation and that not seized it.

In case outside little, the company also bears all legal risks to operate. To read more click here: Xlerator. When there is a problem responsible for is the company and who responds to complaints, lawsuits, fines and curses. The employee may lose their jobs, but the company can lose it all; Although it is not directly responsible for the situation, you have to deal with it. The single worker must present to work and fulfill their functions to receive money. The company has no other than pay, even if he has not sold anything, we are in crisis or reach 2012 and the world runs. The entrepreneur always lives at risk; the only worker must report to work, while you retain employment. If we talk about profits and security, who is who does not know that it will happen tomorrow? The risk is always paid better. Risky jobs are those who pay more because many die doing them.

An entrepreneur always lives at risk, so it is fair to pay him for that reason. At least I do not I risk a free. If there is the possibility of losing, I want to win and earn a lot. When you’re complaining, better ask yourself that you so much risk. If your only concern is to lose your job, you’re not taking risks, so settle for your work. If you want earn more, get ready to dare more. Of course there are entrepreneurs who go from ready, but it is another roll. The difference between stay where you are and get out of there is in thee; only dare to take a risk. Your success depends on your attitude.

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