Environmental Phenomenon

Life held in place by the new P.o.v. Eagle I Cologne/Kerpen, June 10, 2008 (BFN) – may 29, 2008-10:30 am in the morning. Actually, sunshine and 30 degrees were announced. Increasingly, the sky darkens until everything meets a ghostly night atmosphere. Does the world in Cologne? Today is Armageddon? An incredible moment.

Life held in place by the new P.o.v. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. Eagle-I. Just 10 minutes later the clip was worldwide traceable on the video service of the world’s largest news agency Associated Press of thousands of TV stations broadcasting material worldwide. Tomislav Skaro, Chief producer at AP Berlin, the material is great and Super up-to-date, we could do immediately send capable!” Never more realistic and direct were recorded experiences! EAGLE-I is a Mincamera that has been integrated into a pair of glasses. So is recorded what you see! It no longer makes history with paper and pen! EAGLE-I documented history. says Wolfgang Zint and broadcast on hundreds of TV channels give him right.

The current Environmental phenomenon is the best proof of the versatility of this new product. Directly, simply and easily documented everything you can even see Eagle-I and records it on a memory card. These can be read on any computer or other digital device. Current environmental clip BananFactory network GES. for product and innovation marketing mbH Castle Hamid Bach, Park str. 24-28 50169 Kerpen phone 02273-5660-522 fax 02273-5660-529 contact person for the media (and the request of review copies): Wolfgang Zint Julia Walter

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