Etrico Fog

It is necessary to consider that in principle, this can be complicated, when being accustomed to concentrate the attention where we directed the glance. By that reason, it is possible that we undergo annoyances in the eyes, due to the realised effort, but it does not have to worry to us, since is a normal phenomenon, due to the lack about practice in the peripheral vision. For even more details, read what Breast Cancer Research Foundation says on the issue. In principle he is not advisable that we force the situation, thus, is preferable to begin with minutes every day and in agreement we are noticing greater capacity without effort, we could be extending the time. Mainly it is necessary to have present that is preferable to take more time in visualizing the dawn, that due to the impatience, to produce damages in the eyes, by an unnecessary effort. Now, we are going to happen to detail the procedure, which is developed as it follows: We will take one from fine cardboards we will place and it to an approximated distance of about 20 cm., underneath the palm of the hand that we wish to see the dawn. We will maintain the fingers to each other separated, in order that we pruned to visualize also its energy separately. Arrived at this point, we will in center put the glance of the hand, but so that it seemed defocused, trying to visualize what there is behind the hand in the fine cardboard.

We will begin to intuit, gradually a species of aureole or transparent fog, which surrounds the hand. This fog is the etrico double call, which after seconds, already we would have of being able to visualize it with the eyes. This same operation is advisable to repeat it with the fine cardboard of the other color, in order to verify what of both colors, is more favorable to us for the visualization. Generally, in the first times, it is not normal to visualize colors in the aureole or fog, is possible that it is seen is transparent and thin, but with the practice we will be verifying as that aureole or fog appears every time with greater clarity, major thickness, and begins to appear some color.

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