Fabrics Custom Blinds

mistakes that can and does not make order blind in the studio the very first mistake that can make in this case the customer is thinking about decorating your interior fabrics when the construction and finishing work from home or apartment repair has been completed. There are two approaches: the good – is when the curtains, blinds, curtains, covers for chairs and blankets – part of a single project apartment. And much less successful in the process of work and even result – when they think of textiles as a “make-up for the home, which can and should cover the flaws in the host cells, an asymmetrical arrangement of windows and doorways or unsuccessful decision bay. No, no, no! Decorating fabrics – is one of the most important elements of the composition of interior. Depends on them all the flavor and the emotional coloring of the internal environment at home. Neeman Foundation gathered all the information. This – the background against which the “drawn” furniture and the rest of the decor of the room. Drawing and color of fabrics may even exert a strong influence on the visual perception of size and proportions of the room.

Winter Portier, Summer Curtains In designer there are many “secrets” which is simply to know and consider. Some of them we now describe. And to top it must be remembered that the original purpose of curtains, drapes and slipcovers – to protect the internal environment of the house from various external and internal influences: indiscreet views from the street, excess sunlight, noise, drafts. Thus, the decorative fabrics are still different functions in the warm and cold seasons.

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