Getting The Most From Decisions

The fifth decision is important and I am here to prove it. I think this decision is more related to puberty and the adolescence, I remember that at this stage, I tried to take the first places to use, as the group leader, being a leading member of the society of students, by going out with the girls more beautiful or more distinguished in society, including I passed the entrance examination for the Military College, thinking about how important it would feel wearing the dress uniform and the distinction that this would give me. Of course this fifth decision always caused me problems with my classmates, friends and colleagues. Got your anecdote regarding this decision and as you think you did or will currently affect your life. Cancer Research Institute. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The sixth decision:

I must please others, if the above does not allow you to have the attention and consideration that you need from others choose to please others at the expense of your own interests and get to sacrifice your economy, your health, physical, mental, emotional, even actions that others will seem heroic, but they really have no other purpose than to please others in search of acceptance. This sixth decision in my case has been very important in my personal and professional life, I remember that on one occasion, make air travel more than 2000 km just to drive my father’s truck and take it to a distance of no more than 300 km trip that could be done alone or with my brother, all with the sole purpose of pleasing, I was always also a volunteer for difficult or dangerous tasks, it was common not to charge for my professional services or charged a token amount, sometimes ridiculous, always with the desire to please others.

You have or have had experiences in your life that relate to this sixth decision, as has this affected your life, you feel you have benefited or been harmed you, what have these experiences?. .

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