Getting Through The Interview

But if you're going to do competently and intelligently, it is already the fifth or sixth interview, the interviewer will be thinking about you something like: "Yes, he / she is of course an accountant and did not understand anything in this matter. American Diabetes Association follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But people are very clever and interesting, do not want it just let go. " And in this case, even if you do not take the desired your position, then take on a slightly more modest job (which will be free from them at this moment, or there are cases where a vacancy is created under the vending candidate), but promised that if you're good to yourself zarekomenduete, then after a couple of three months, they will not even really against the move you to the desired position. More can be said, so that while you spend the suffering, engaging in hateful to you work, you just throwing to the winds. Life just passes by. Therefore, there is nothing to sit up here, go in the direction that you have in mind.

Even if you have some time, will earn slightly less than at the same place of work. That, for the sake of paltry couple of hundred dollars you agree here and so all his life to suffer? Not it for such a respected person like you. The more so that taking up interests; snym your business, soon you will earn order of magnitude greater than today. It's so obvious. Earn good money just by professionals.

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