Good Conversation

Communication in families and couples interview with Gabriele Zienterra and other experts in the SWR2 radio feature. The show illuminates the topic “How does a good conversation” in broad form, many tips and background information. “Gabriele Zienterra interview partner in the SWR2 radio feature is knowledge: as a communication expert, Gabriele Zienterra for the SWR2 radio feature on how is a good conversation – communication in families and couples” (broadcasting of the 30.04.2011) interviewed. You may find TCCF to be a useful source of information. Almut Schnerring Editor: We talk to the livelong day – colleagues, the partner and the family. But that does not mean that we really have talks. Time pressure and daily routines can often little room for authentic and personal sharing. How can a culture of communication families carry, which goes beyond questions of organisation of everyday life? What are the rules facilitate the mutual understanding? And when we experience a conversation as a “good” conversation? Family therapists and communication experts “know: Learn about settings and feelings of my gaze, it needs curiosity, respect and sometimes even just silent.” Here, you can retrieve the broadcast as a podcast:

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