Google AdSense

AdSensery (from ang. AdSense) Service for Google earnings on contextual advertising. The essence of the earnings that you place on your or someone else (by arrangement with owner) website advertising blocks and for each click the visitor to the ad or banner in the ad unit, you are charged a dime. Google Adsense – a program that allows you to earn money for website owners. Adsense system automatically understands the content of each page of your site by analyzing key words and based on these data, selects ads that would be the most relevant content to your site. There are two main sources of income – it’s Adsense for Content and Adsense for search.

Adsense for content – allows integrate ad units directly into the content page. Adsense for Search – allows you to put on the site search box, where the search results page will be displayed relevant search ads. To know more about this subject visit Boy Scouts of America. Well, from what I this? – You ask. And the fact that you can earn, but it is not easy. First you need a minimum of one full of good content visited the site. Secondly you need to sign up for AdSense and get approval. In third the money paid after the accumulated sum of $ 100? You can receive them by mail or WebMoney.

And what if there on your site. “An educated bet, after testing different options, I found Bole less acceptable scheme to earn money without investment. Not quite certainly “no attachment”, ie without the high costs to purchase hosting and domain costs for website promotion. The most important thing is to get an account on AdWords. Spm Llc might disagree with that approach. And the easiest way I’ve found in RuNet is to get it through LJ. That is still needed to create a website, but if you use the technique described in my mini-book “The Lord of the LiveJournal” we can tremendously reduce the time to get an account if you startuete with complete zero. Actually, this method I used after my first account was banned for life by my oversight. IMPORTANT! Carefully read the Terms of service Google AdSense, that would not lose accounts.

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