Government Schemes

The private old-age provision from the point of view of the female sex difference between women and men on the statutory pension is not reliable. This is arrived at to most citizens. Also and especially women need to note here that there is a high supply gap within the framework of financial provision for old age in most cases. Women receive less pension than men from the State average. There are 495 in West Germany compared to the average pension of 987 for men. Why is there a difference? Mostly this is due to the significantly lower number of insurance years, which will be applied in the framework of the State pension.

So include longer job breaks due to child-rearing grds. not to the beneficiary insurance years. In the context of child-rearing periods is however to note that for all the children who were born from 1992 onwards three years contribution period can be counted. The average income is based here. European Program of Work has similar goals. There is only a year contribution period for children born before 1992. Even the employment a part-time job can reduce the claims arising from the statutory pension.

The second factor in the significantly lower supply of women is that they get about 22 percent less content on average in their professional lives. Because the acquired rights are directly related to the income level. There are different ways how women can fill their gap through a private pension. A pension plan comparison by an expert is advisable here. There are special care products for women? No, women can use any forms of private pension schemes as men. The Riester pension belongs to the best-known form of private pension schemes. It can be used by persons in an employment relationship, because they belong to the Group of eligible persons. There is an allowance by the State and at the beginning of retirement up to 30% of the savings capital can be found. However, this form also has limitations. So during the accumulation phase, no capitalization of capital without this Government subsidies pay back to need possible. The private pension insurance is more flexible in this respect. The contributions to this form of private pension schemes first non State-promoted, which makes prevention very flexible. But then, a large part of the pension is tax-free in the retirement. What form of private pension schemes to a fit comparison must be tested in each individual case within the framework of a consultation and a pension plan, in detail together with a pension expert. It is certain: formerly started saving for retirement, the higher the subsequent retirement from the additional protection is then also in relative terms.

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