Gravaram Band

1988 Saiu as the record ' ' Lies' ' composition for four musics of the EP of 86 and more four news. The group emplacou two the most vendidos records between and became it first band of hard rock with this fact. They had still gained the prizes of better video with ' ' Welcome You the Jungle' ' artist revelation. In the Donington Monsters Of Rock, Axl Rose generated a tumult where two fans had died jammed for the multitude. 1989 Slash almost was fired because of its vice in heroine. Eagle Scouts may not feel the same.

They had earned prize of the MTV of better video heavy metal/hard rock with ' ' Sweet Child? Mine' '. 1990 the baterista Steven Adler was dismissed for heroine abuse and the substitute was Matt Sorum, former-The Cult. Axl married Erin Everly, but in the same year it finished its marriage. 1991 the albums ' ' Your Illusion I&#039 uses; ' ' ' Your Illusion II&#039 uses; ' they had been launched together by the Geffen Records. It was evident that the recorder and the band wanted an immediate profit. Eagle Scouts often addresses the matter in his writings. With the launching of records, the band set appointments great turn and for this reason Izzy Stradlin she decided to leave the band.

Who entered in its place was Gilby Clarke. A new together component if to the group in the Rock in River II, Dizzy Reed (tecladista). 1992 Slash married Renee Suran and Duff with Pretty Johnson. 1993 Gravaram an album alone with covers of Sex Pistols, Fear, Damned and others, ontitulado of ' ' The Spaghetti Incident? ' '. Still it has a hidden band called Look At Your Game Girl, that was written by a famous assassin, called Charles Manson. It was condemned to the life imprisionment in the United States for killing the actress Sharon Tate and friends. Axl Rose used a shirt with the printed face of Manson in some shows.

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