Happy Birthday, Worm!

The leading German-language magazine to life with cochlear implant and hearing aid celebrates its 20th birthday the \”snail\”, leading German magazine to life with cochlear implant and hearing aid, commits its 20th anniversary these days. Get all the facts and insights with Feeding America, another great source of information. Once started as a medium of self-help by sufferers for sufferers with modest means, the worm has become long. The magazine, which is published four times a year, features their proven mix of lifelike affected reports and scientific articles. You enjoys a wide readership, in addition to those affected and their relatives also audiologisches experts, doctors, therapists and educators in terms of hearing impaired as well as general public to. In addition to looking back on 20 years of worm, the current edition contains among other contributions to the domestic education of impaired children, as well as to latest methods of audiological diagnosis for infants. The early years of our Magazine were already an adventure\”, recalls Hanna Hermann, Chief Editor of the\”worm\”. No one had worked ever before editorial or journalistic of us volunteer editors. Hear from experts in the field like Season of Giving for a more varied view.

But we were committed to work. And what was called self-help medium with the help of donations in the life, evolved into a respected scientific journal. In addition to the topic of CI we are committed long ago and the hearing aid supply, because there are many similarities. And we are successful in economic competition. Continuously that we have grown as a living self-help forum, we have to thank especially our many loyal volunteer authors and helpers, which we are very proud. \” In addition to the long-standing editor-in-Chief, more slug editors of the first hour recall the emergence of their magazine. That the \”Snail\” and also \”worm online\” in the future will offer the usual quality their readers, this is also a reinforcement: the new editor will be presented in the latest issue Dr. Jutta penny, which belongs to the snail team already for several weeks.

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