Hispanic America

the excerpt presents a situation of destruction and abandonment, therefore this desert place, in the field imagtico, was busy before for a civilization, a society and destroyed, perhaps, for who in it arrived soon later. Thus if on the other hand we can relate these images presented for the narrator, with the historical situation of the region of Mato Grosso, where the fight for the land was marked by the murder of small agriculturists, by another one in them is presented the lost man inside of itself exactly, therefore this hinterland of nobody can be related with the existencial conflict of each individual, where such quarrels leave the regionalistic scope for universal spheres. with this thematic Dicke breaches with esteretipos fit that it as a regionalistic writer, this disruption if of the one due to difficulty of the theoreticians in finding for its literature one ' ' estilo' ' literary univocal, as we costumvamos to find in the end of century XIX and half of the XX. Another factor that still more contributes for this ' ' confuso' ' it is its aesthetic approach with the Latin American literature, that, with boom literary of the decade of 60 it imposed to the world a new way of if to make literature, this in turn, if opposed to a literature that promoted and divulged the rules of the bourgeoisie. Ahead of this, the literature produced in this period presented ' ' voz' ' of the kept out of society one, of the excluded one, but this was made not searching a realism restricted and yes the magician, the fantastic one, where the images said and transfiguravam the conflicts of being able in Hispanic America, since the dictatorships and the constant invasion of the politics of the countries of first world, especially the United States. We can make reference to reference the quarrel of this type of literature, which Dicke if identified, therefore it makes constant use of this literary foundation that the Latin American writers had used and use, that is, in the mixture of the magical realism and the fantastic one, therefore two literatures present the reality to avessas.

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