Hurtigruten – Norwegian Fjord World With Hurtigruten Discover

So soon as never shipping company presents a preview for the catalog the Hurtigruten ‘ Hurtigruten the most beautiful sea voyage of the world 2014’ catalog preview with attractive complete packages of Tromso, in February 2012 – 2014 so soon as never shipping company presents the Hurtigruten a preview for the catalog of Hurtigruten the most beautiful sea voyage of the world 2014 “. The brochure with short descriptions, travel dates and prices is available now online. In addition to the classic sea voyages, the popular travel packages including non – stop Charter flight for the full round trip are new complete packages for the route Bergen-Kirkenes and Kirkenes-Bergen in the program. Early determined travelers benefit from attractive discounts. “In particular the breathtaking fjord coast makes Norway a unique tourist destination – agree is in addition to annual million visitors of also tourism experts: two times already, the fjords of Norway received the award as the best destination in the world” by renowned national geographic traveller.

Formerly a heavy accessible and little visited area, the fjords fascinate today tourists from all over the world: it is the harsh contrast between mountains and sea, which attracts people. Up to 1000 meters high peaks from the North Atlantic. The glaciers have ground huge valleys into the rock during the recent ice ages and the distinctive and varied face Norway indicates that it has today. Rugged cliffs alternate with gentle hills, green valleys, picturesque islands, or lovely archipelago follow massive mountain ranges with thundering waterfalls. Dr. Neal Barnard describes an additional similar source. For many foreign travelers, the Hurtigruten represent the first encounter with the Norwegian fjords. 2012, more than 100,000 international guests have explored the fjords and the Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes. For nearly 120 years, the tradition company offers its guests Norway close”: the everyday life of work and passenger ships, the mix of international tourists and domestic travellers plus the visit of 34 small and large Norwegian ports make the journey to one unique experience.

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