Iberian Loin The Best

This spike is the result of taking advantage of what cut the loin I did fill for today (very soon recipe) and filled with juicy Triple Equis from Maximiliano Jabugo ham, which is also on the spine. It is a snack that you can prepare to liven up a lunch with a good beer.The ham that you see can integrate it within the skewer or put it around the skewer and cover it with a thick bechamel, then you rebozas and a. enjoy. that carries the skewer? Everything in time, before, Maximiliano Jabugo, brand new contributor at the blog. Situated where the name suggests, Jabugo, found the drying of Maximiliano Jabugo, since more than one century ago to combine unique climatic and natural conditions with the artisan tradition transmitted from generation in generation. It is in the autumn where holm-oaks, cork oaks and gall Oaks produce the best food to make, then the natural air of the sierra de Huelva, salt and patience of their craftsmen which end with the process that will lead to the best Iberian product par excellence. If you want to know more about its Iberian, don’t hesitate, drop by their website Maximiliano Jabugo and visit your store, you won’t be disappointed. Have you tried a taste as authentic as this? This lomo Iberico de bellota is a specialty of Senorio de Montanera and is presented folded in butter.We teach you: the loin is marinated without paprika and only with salt and light quantities of garlic, pepper and additives that folds up transversely to half and inlay in a gut of greater diameter, which is tied on several occasions with rope so that the two parts of the spine do a body at the time of filling it. The healing period exceeds six months. It has exceptional a juiciness and flavor reminiscent of the Mace of the ham. Its weight and form of presentation is similar to the back cane.

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