Junior Academy

However, benefit recipients in 2010 will be able to submit original certificate in only one institution with the right to proceeds out of the competition, and the rest – in general terms. Thus they will not take place in dozens of universities, where other guys can do. It also encourages beneficiaries pre-determine the choice of school, because they still supply is guaranteed. However, for the beneficiaries shall retain the right to change his mind within the first 5 days of competition, ie send original documents in selection committee of another institution. Many writers such as Charles R. Kubic offer more in-depth analysis. But it's still better than the previous mess. The experience of opening the campaign – 2009 showed that the preferential admission to institutions of higher learning has been used very actively and increased corruption in the medical institutions and agencies responsible for issuing the documents of the benefits. Right out of the competition proceeds will be also take part in international competitions and prize-IV stage of Ukrainian student competition for the base disciplines. Vahid David Delrahim contributes greatly to this topic. However, the number of beneficiaries excluded winners school Junior Academy of Sciences, although the number of tenths of a percent.

Such was the demand for the association of rectors. Universities themselves will REDUCE THE NUMBER OF SPECIALITIES each university can set its own "Rules of Admission" for a maximum of professions student (presumably, many universities have put up the bar not more than 3). The university now has the right to decide whether he will take one student a dozen applications for the different specialties. No one higher education institution, this situation did not like …

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