Kochmuetzen.NET Re-launches Complete Page In January

Kochmuetzen.NET relaunched complete page in January all new may, in the case of portal of chefs arrives that also on the January makes. The network for chefs from around the world, launches this year in January (10 January) a completely new page. We have rebuilt everything and revised and we allowed plenty of time, it was worth it as we think and we have current trends from the social network industry with the new pages design integrate, so Henrik Schellhoss of the portal operator. It reflects not only a search, also the blocks and the news are presented now significantly to be reader-friendly. The second webcam follows in a few weeks from the Switzerland and the third party then from Berlin. The recipes be recategorized and sorted here we have brought us professional help. Not only the members grow steadily and consistently the team grows, in addition to the fixed programmer, design is now also soon be a fixed editorial a new employee in the area of communication. kochmuetzen.NET for chefs by chefs. Read our special soon Baroque delicacies and recipes from the time of Sophie Charlotte

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