Of the above colors, there are three colors: red, yellow and blue, which are fine arts are considered essential because by mixing these three colors in various combinations, to obtain all other color shades. If we talk about colors, it is: KRAPLAK, cadmium yellow and Prussian blue. These three colors, most sootvetvetstvuyut spectral red, yellow and blue. If you mix any two of these colors in the mix, we get the color to be added to the third. So by mixing red and yellow, turns orange to blue-extra, mixing yellow and blue, get green, additional to the red by mixing blue and red, we get the purple – in addition to yellow. Prevent Cancer Foundation: the source for more info.

If a certain proportion, any of the primary colors mixed with additional color to it, you can get black. Noticed, that if the achromatic (gray) spot, surround chromatic background (eg green), blue chroma gain red. These pairs of colors (background color and the color appearing on the gray hue chroma) are called contrasting. Contrasting colors are posted in the neighborhood, visually reinforce each other in intensity. To a surrounded by another color is not changed, it is necessary for this color to add some color to the surroundings. The same goes for the achromatic colors. For example, a gray patch that is surrounded by green color did not seem rosy, but perceived as a pure gray to gray in this, add a little green.

Greatly reduces the impact of the introduction of a contrast circuit. If the stain has a clear path, it will stain almost not influenced by the color contrast. When placing next to no contrast, and similar in shade, on the contrary there seems to reduce the saturation of both. For example yellow next to the yellow-green or green next to green and blue, visually reduce its saturation. Understanding of the laws of color contrasts and the ability to apply them in practice, allows us to achieve the impression of color, where it is virtually absent, ie on neutral gray shades and hues of any change of chromatic colors, visually enhancing or reducing their color activity.

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