Learning To Give

In schools always takes the kids to the poorest neighborhoods to give charity, usually this action is justified only telling children a porous you do have and they do not, you sugarless . We can not speak of alienation in urban poverty, not to mention the role that played by the Church. Since the Middle Ages the Church views the poor as a mere means to achieve eternal salvation, because it gave him alms and those meant to be closer to . Currently among the sermons of priests, parishes and publications on the same sacred texts, are still finding the same message a purification through charity. But there is another feature that the Church awarded to those belonging to the lower classes: they are the living image of Jesus.

The Church repeats over and over again that it is in the beggars, the sick, the prisoners where they find Jesus. This puts a different view of the poor, some belief a crucial throughout his life, be humble be simple and attain eternal salvation. In relation to the general conception the poor, have played a key role the media in which topic do not have it I’d ask. In soap operas and series that show us the same story with the same message over and over again, we see main characters belonging to the lower class, with very marked and that in the same way have been in the consciousness of the average person.

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