Leon Tolsti

However, when I understood the message dual, I came back and I discovered that the message of the Favour perpassa all the sermon of the mount. During years I thought that the sermon of the mount was a model for the human behavior that nobody would obtain to follow. Reading it of new, I discovered that Jesus pronounced these words does not stop overloading in them, but, he stops showing in them as God is. The character of God is the matrix of the sermon of the mount ' '. See more detailed opinions by reading what Canada Day offers on the topic.. Jesus in gave to the sermon of the mount &#039 to them; ' he stops in them transmitting the Ideal of God for which never we must stop to advance, but also, he stops showing in them that none of us never will reach this ideal. The sermon of the mount in the force to recognize the great distance between God and we, and any attempt to reduce this distance of some form moderating its requirements makes in to miss them the target completely.

The worse tragedy would be to transform the sermon of the mount into another form of legalism; it would have, before, to finish with all form of legalism. The legalism, as the fariseus, always go to fail, not because he is severe excessively, but, why he is not enough severe. Thundering, the sermon of the mount test unquestionably that ahead of God all are in the same level: assassins e? pavios-short? , adultery and concupiscentes, thieves and cobiosos. All we are despaired, and this in fact the only is been appropriate one human being that it desires to know the God. Having if moved away from the Absolute Ideal, we do not have where to land, not to be in the security of the Favour absoluta.' '. My part, I, Jeane Ktia, call the attention for the fact of that Jesus emphasized the importance of in it remaining. E, to remain in it, nothing more is of what living here in the land as It lived, that is, in the dependence of the Father. E, as Leon Tolsti said: ' ' They do not judge the ideal saints of God for my incapacity of alcan-los.' '. I read Philip Yancey and, I recommend the reading!

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