Lost Illusions

One I sing lamuriento echoes for the cove all the nights. It is assombrao. Not of that type that cause males to nobody, or pursues the navigators. But pranteia, all the night, with pain that tranfers more until the durocorao. Of its I sing little if it can understand, but they say that it deals with umamor that if has much time Or that still it continues here; prisoner nasparedes of the cave of the Bay of the Lost Illusions. You may wish to learn more. If so, PCRM is the place to go.

He at the beginning counts the local legend, that has many and many years, of sculoXIX, a ship sank in a storm night, in the way sea I rebel it, black breu with it, that one abocanhava any that in the imensido salgadase ventured. In the following morning, curious with the rubbish mount of the beach, foramtodos the inhabitants of the modest village of the cove to look at what it was transferred. In the way it mount of remaining portions wooden and ropes it sunk ship, quesurpresa found the son of a fisherman! A man was there in areiacado. Skies, and were alive! The young woman called Aurlia and was beautiful as if it was a sereia. Not, sereia not It had one what! of innocence. Perhaps a candy fairy, exit deum story Or simply frank a girl of smile and lbiosrosados, whose pale skin contrasted with black hair as aescurido of the night and the eyes had a dark brilliant, two sapphires. It called the father, aflita, and both had dealt with the man, in its modest hut.

I am shipwrecked soon it if it reestablished, well well-taken care of for Aurlia, and was to count for it histories of its land. The candy girl did not delay if to enchant with so beautiful charmosoforasteiro e. It had eyes of the color of the sea and made velvety voice and its cabeloseram of the color of the rays clearest of the sun.

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