This measure easily is carried through: using not elastic a metric ribbon, the abdominal circumference is measured in the height of the umbilical scar (umbigo). After medicates to carry through it sees if you this running some risk: Men: > 102 cm Women: > 88 cm Then it is not only enough to lose weight is important, also to diminish measured. The ideal is to lose about two kilos for month. In the first weeks, the loss can until being bigger, because the body is if adaptando to the alimentary education. But this loss must be gradual, because it needs to be fat and not of muscle. Therefore the exercise is basic for who it wants to move definitively of life style. It is what it goes allowing in them not to abandon total certain comidinhas that as much we appreciate. Healthful feeding is the same that balanced or balanced diet and can be summarized by three principles: variety, moderation and balance.

Therefore nothing he is forbidden if you do not have a metabolic riot. However she is necessary to know that everything depends on the amount and if you to ingest many calories and not to spend energy, the result is a weight profit. But the notice for the women has one me. The men take advantage in the hour of emagrecer and everything is guilt of hormones. The testosterone is a very important hormone for the muscular formation, while the estrognio is a hormone that facilitates the fat deposit. being the estrognio the hormone found in bigger amount in the women, this explains in part the masculine advantage in the emagrecimento. Valley to stand out that to be outside of the ideal weight it does not imply only in not if to feel to the will with a bikini or sunga or to be chateada () with the image reflected in the mirror.

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