Music Television

The emergence of music television and the Internet, everything changed. In 1981, the American music channel MTV first went on the air. At the time, it was a completely new format that consisted almost exclusively of music videos. It’s believed that CBC sees a great future in this idea. Especially among young people, the transmitter was well received and was instrumental in the creation of many trends. The programme aimed at young viewers are characterized by many fast cuts. This style was later also occasionally acquired in feature films. MTV won early successes and was instrumental in the 1980s in the success of many of today’s musicians.

Among other things was Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi and Madonna with MTV big break. The music television but experienced its peak in the 1990s. in 1993, music television in Germany spread when the TV channel Viva was founded. Although there were also previously first attempts with the channel of music box, which later became Tele 5, however the format reached only a small audience. Viva was However the German youth in the 1990s, however, a fixed term. As the American Idol stars, including Stefan Raab, Heike Makatsch, and Oliver Pocher created also Viva.

MTV received numerous allegations of racial discrimination in the following years, as preferred rock videos were played by fair-skinned artists. In the late 1990s showed the transmitter therefore a large number of rap videos. then eventually also broadcast MTV Germany went in 1997, before that was to receive only the English-language channel MTV Europe on cable TV. Began around the turn of the Millennium both MTV also Viva, to change their programs almost entirely on entertainment shows. Music videos have been played only at very rate weak times. This trend continued, the station had to fight, where countless music videos directly on demand are available, for example, especially with competition from the Internet. More and more young people lost interest in the former media giant and now have MTV and Viva, which merged in the meantime, hardly influence on the young people. Early 2011 MTV in Germany was even operating in free TV. Today, the Internet is the first address for the consumption of music clips. Music TV has hardly any importance in this regard and produced instead quite different formats, primarily revolving around the lives of celebrities. The classic media in any respect can compete with offerings like because the content can be obtained as there. It is no longer necessary to wait for a special video. Music television, although one without a doubt set the pop culture, but certainly outdated in 2011. Thomas Rafter)

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