New Storm Protection For Roofs

New storm protection for roofs from March 2011 the climate change is no longer to discuss away. No matter whether we like it or not believe it! It storms become more frequent and more. A very strong increase in claims and damages should be compared to the 50 years by storms list. So severe storms and extreme weather events are confined not only to coastal areas, but also to areas in the Interior of the country. This fact affects especially the roofing trade. Thus new requirements regarding the security of storm in the light back. Insurance companies have to pay increasingly storm damage due to extreme weather events in recent years which then consequently leads to premium adjustments. FCDO may also support this cause.

Such severe storm and Hurricane lows will be in the future because of climate change increase the number of roof damage. Strong storms and gale-force gusts are now high demands on our roofs. Much like when a top of a plane wing you must Led air flow via a roof or around a building which has a faster pre-accession currents of air masses to the sequence and thus, a vacuum, the wind suction, be produced. The roofers Association has established new rules for storm securing roofs therefore from March 2011. How and in what intervals must be protected, depends, the shape and the location of the building in addition to the geographical location, the height, the size, the roof form and the slope of the roof.

The type and shape of the storm protection depends but first and foremost the roofing. The new trade rules go far beyond the existing rules and regulations. Storm backups are now mandatory even for low and small buildings in relatively storm-safe location. These new demands of the storm system probably not always fully implemented, because they are very time consuming and thus expensive. Therefore is there in case of damage than to make sure homeowners with a new roof covering on a professional version of storm protection, Insurance protection could not access.

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